Monthly Archives: January 2009

Bugs Has Left The Building

In a surprise move sure to dissapoint fans of hardcore hyperbole, Rabbit Bartholomew has stepped down as ASP president.
“After deep consideration, I have decided not to seek a fifth term as ASP President,” Bartholomew said.
Pretty interesting quote from Rab there - who knew that ASP President was an elected office?  It's going to be hard [...]

Move Over, Nostradamus

Apparently Wilbur Kookmeyer could also see the future (or at least Wilbur's author, Bob Penuelas, had a good hunch for fortune telling.)
The whole Alaia board craze is worthy of at least a few posts.  Without getting too analytical about prehistoric nostalgia, I thought it was worth pointing out that Kookmeyer saw the Alaia kooks coming.
Surfer [...]

The Ballad of AI

For the last week I've been working with Andy Irons and Blair Marlin (AI's manager) on the AI interview that Surfline put up today.
After a tumultuous couple years on tour, Andy has decided to take 2009 off. One of the many interesting facets to this story is that Andy is perhaps the first surfing superhero [...]

Well, it SOUNDED Promising

When I first saw a press release titled "Gorilla Welcomes German Marlon Lipke To Team" show up on Surfline, I got very excited.
Naturally, I was expecting something like this:
As is often the case in the surf industry, the truth was rather disappointing in comparison to my lofty expectations.
It turns out Gorilla is a company - [...]


This site is another one of my schemes.
I am a schemer.  I come up with half-scams and rely on half-truths that share a common purpose: they allow me to keep surfing.  This is not a new development.  There's historical precedent here, when it comes to both my history and surfing's.  Miklos Dora engaged in every [...]