Well, it SOUNDED Promising

Posted by lewis on January 16, 2009 at 1:31 pm.

When I first saw a press release titled "Gorilla Welcomes German Marlon Lipke To Team" show up on Surfline, I got very excited.

Gorilla Welcome

Gorilla Welcome

Naturally, I was expecting something like this:

Welcome, friend!

Welcome, friend!

As is often the case in the surf industry, the truth was rather disappointing in comparison to my lofty expectations.

It turns out Gorilla is a company - what we used to call Gorilla Grip, I guess.  No actual Gorilla seemed to be involved, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't think Marlon Lipke is a one-eyed Nazi.

Which pretty much brings the interest value in the press release down to zero.  Everyone knows that monkeys and Nazis improve any narrative.


  • ala says:

    What a lack of imagination…. If you don’t have nothing to say…..stay quiet.

  • The Professor says:

    I presume ‘ala’ above was referring to Surfline or Gorilla Grip in regard to his comment. I thought the red balloon was a nice touch. Also, the gorilla doesn’t have a nipple ‘problem’ like Jordy Smith, which is refreshing.

    However, the fact that Marlon’s parent’s reportedly left Germany for Portugal concerns me. If my memory serves me correctly, there’s been a few Germans that have left their country for Portuguese speaking one’s in the past. Regardless, I’m going to go (further) out on a limb and predict that no contest announcer or anyone else will be using the term ’surf-nazi’ to describe Marlon anytime soon. But since he won’t be on the ‘Dream Tour’ much longer, it doesn’t really matter.

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