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Truffle Shuffle

A couple weeks ago I claimed Kekoa Bacalso in my rookie preview for Surfline.  I'm a big fan of Kekoa's surfing - he has a unique approach to both power and fitness.  With this in mind, I compared Kekoa to Chunk from the seminal 1985 classic The Goonies.
So I was quite pleased to see Kekoa [...]

Reader Challenge!

Match the Surf Brand with the girl!
I thought I'd do a super-relevant post about the brands since even the LA Times is running articles titled "It's Getting Gnarly for Surf Gear Makers."
There's a LOT of rumors goin' round bout which company is going down which set of tubes. "Action sports giants such as Quiksilver Inc. [...]

A Word from our Contenders

The ASP season kicks off Saturday, so I thought I'd turn the hype-volume up a bit further by sharing a few words from our top contenders: Slater and Fanning.  The following quotes didn't make the QuikPro Peview I did for Surfline last week.
Lewis: One could argue that you haven't been challenged for the #1 spot [...]

Help the Contorted Hipsters

Wow.  I feel really bad.
Last week I poked fun at poor Alex Knost (turns out he's NOT gay or a pedophile!) - but little did I know, he IS disabled - Alex is one of those Contorted Hipsters.
Not sure if you've heard yet, but it's a really sad and tragic disease afflicting young Hipsters. Now [...]

Tonight on Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator”

When I first started writing about surfing, I received this earnest advice from an editor: "Dumb down your prose - remember your readers are mostly 15-year-old boys, or they're as stupid as 15-year-old boys."
Take a look at Transworld's new "10 Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing" feature.  The crew at TW are masters when it comes [...]


It's a widely-acknowledged fact that Jews control the media. (Hey, don't worry, I can acknowledge this because I am half-Jewish. (Perhaps this is why I am only half-way to having control in the surf media. (And I hope I didn't just alienate my Meshugina Skinhead fan base by confirming my Jewish heritage.)))
I'm often asked [...]


As I've mentioned, PostSurf is based on a blind faith that there are many other surfers out there who are dissatisfied with the current state of the surf media.  Some of these surfers have started leaving comments on the site.
On Sundays I'm often too hung over for original thought, so instead of a new post [...]

TAJ has a PLAN

Just finished a preview for Surfline of the QuikPro.  As usual, plenty of quotes don't make it into the final text.
More than a couple guys in the 45 told me that Taj will be the one to challenge Kelly this year.  "He's the only one in my book who did it last year," CJ Hobgood [...]

Big in 2K9: Chola Eyebrows?

Part of being an authority on surfing is predicting new trends. What will be big in 2K9?
I've noticed that "what's in" is different in the islands - they're "keeping it real" with street culture.  You know, like pit bulls and jewelry and gangsta rap and stuff.  Here on the mainland, "Chola Eyebrows" are HOT on [...]


A few days before Kelly won his 9th title, I interviewed Bobby Martinez.  I was hoping to put together an article on "Is Kelly's Dominance Good For Surfing?"  The article never came together - partly because most guys dodged the question.  But Bobby is his own man; he did not dodge the question.
Lewis: Do you [...]

Question about BACKDOOR

Staying cool in the surf world is all about keeping up with the latest trends.
I've noticed that the best young surfers in the world share a common bond: they love Backdoor action.
In the latest issue of Transworld,  Dusty Payne tells us the last advice his manager gave him was "No babies in the bum."
Stab, being [...]


I didn't get to see a picture of rookie Drew Courtney before writing about him.
After seeing his headshot, all I can say is "That is some Benjamin Button shit right there!"  He's got to be 40.
I hope for Drew's sake he's aging in reverse, cause he's a rookie and he already looks past retirement age.
I [...]


Every now and then I'll try to post something vaguely journalistic from the cutting room floor.

In 2008 I interviewed Kelly Slater for Water Magazine. Suffice to say, the year proved to be more successful for Slater than Water.

The following conversation got cut from the final interview.

Lewis Samuels: Style is one of the few things where one can look at your career and say “What Slater brought to the table with style, compared to past champions, wasn’t as noteworthy.”

Kelly Slater: Style, like… what do you mean in terms of style? Surfing style, personal style, clothes? (laughs)

Surfing style... I think when you can look at the way you approach waves, it’s a distillation of correct body positioning, to achieve a high level of performance. Are you concerned with how that looks like to the viewer, or are you primarily concerned with what you’re achieving on the wave?

I don’t know… I guess for me, I’m more Dane Reynolds than Tom Curren. Or I should say more Martin Potter. I think style is kind of… I could take a lot of heat for saying something… but someone who has a very deliberate style, it’s almost pretentious. If you look a certain way just for the sake of looking that way, I think that’s false. I think that style for me has always been a sort of secondary thing to function.

SurfHipster or GayBro?

A lot of the young cool kids nowadays "R really in2 earnestness" instead of "cynicalness."
They tell me that I'm "out of touch" with what's cool and that I should stop "H8ing" on relevant lifestyle brands like INSIGHT with LUKEY STEDMANDS and instead I should embrace RVCA and transcendental surfers like "AL KNOWST" who is the [...]