Posted by lewis on February 9, 2009 at 11:43 pm.

Now that I’m an “authority on surfing” I get letters from groms who are trying to decipher what surfing is all about.  Here’s a letter from little Charlie D, an inquisitive Grom from the OC who’s just trying to figure out “how 2b COOL.”

HAY, im textng cause i wanna now what the WORLD TOUR is like.

Ive been readin innerviews with prosurfers on transworld  an it sounds like the TOUR is pretty tough. They get sent 2 dessert islands with 44 sweaty dudes. I read with the ECONOMIES so bad this year, and surfers losin sponsorsips, plenty of peeps will NOT be able 2 aford plain tix for their chicks.

So.... is the WORLD TOUR like prison?

Dad has HBO so I know what prisons like.  plus teddy went to juvie an he lives down the street so he told me.  Maybe theres a hole diffrent CODE goes along with being on tour?????...

its diffrent on the INSIDE, dog?? Everybody does it?? Teddy said he did anyways.

thanks, CHarLIe D.

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  • Kaiser says:

    Glad to see kids getting schooled early in the art of text messaging. Surfing grommet who doesn’t know proper English - rad! America is in good shape.

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