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Comment of the Week.

Comment of the week goes to Dave Mailman, who seemed to develop a moderate-to-serious addiction to the PostSurf commenters arena this week.
Honestly, I'm on the road right now, and I didn't take the time to read through all of the comments.  But I'm certain that many readers hammered out insights that eclipsed those of Mr. [...]


PostSurf is on the road for the next few weeks.  With any luck, I'll be spending time surfing instead of writing about surfing, meaning posts may be sporadic.
For now, let's drink deep of some chilled visions from photographer Rambo Estrada, a PostSurf reader from Middle Earth.
More of his work can be found on his blog.
Unlike [...]


Joel Parkinson
Tahiti Result: 9 Previous Result: 1 ASP Rating: 1
Joel Parkinson can find solace in recent history.  Like Joel, Slater started last year with two wins, only to fall early at Chopes.  Fortunately for Slater, all the other contenders fell early, too.  Same story this year, as Parko’s real rivals (Mick, CJ, and Kelly) dropped [...]


C.J. Hobgood
Tahiti Result: 5 Previous Result: 5 ASP Rating: 4
Bitter truth: there was a moment in Tahiti, after Joel and Mick had lost, but before Taj had bested CJ, when Hobgood had a clear path to a legitimate world title.  It was Teahupoo, for fuck’s sake!  The last venue on tour in which the cards [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 11-15

Freddy Patacchia
Tahiti Result: 17 Previous Result: 3 ASP Rating: 9
I’m worried that Freddy P has lost his edge after reportedly having that kid with Bruce.  Where’s the hatred?  Patacchia is full of aloha lately, which is really incongruous coming from a Hawaiian professional surfer. For instance: Fred nearly landed on his opponent Josh Kerr in [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 16-20

Adrian Buchan
Tahiti Result: 17 Previous Result: 17 ASP Rating: =14
Truly cutting edge surfers today realize that contest winnings and sponsorship agreements should only represent a fraction of their earnings.  The big money is in tell-all memoirs, video games, and merchandising. Just ask Kelly, who’s penned two books, created one video game, and now has his [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 21-25

Josh Kerr
Tahiti Result: 9 Previous Result: 33 ASP Rating: =20
It’s easy for cynics to discount Josh Kerr as a latter-day Christian Fletcher type, an aerial specialist, scrubbed clean and toned down for a different market.  Clearly, Josh Kerr feels that he’s capable of more than winning airshows – why else the nonchalant return to tour?  [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 26-30

Drew Courtney
Tahiti Result: 33 Previous Result: 9 ASP Rating: =20
Watching senior citizen/rookie Drew “Benjamin Button” Courtney surf Teahupoo was inspiring.  It reminded me so much of the first time I saw “Cocoon.”  Drew surfed and lost within the first couple hours of the waiting period… which was good for him in that he made it [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 31-35

Tim Reyes
Tahiti Result: 17 Previous Result: 17 ASP Rating: =30
Who knew that Timmy Reyes could grow hair?  I erroneously believed him to be prematurely bald, like you know who and that other guy.  So when Tim showed up at Chopes with curly locks, I kid you not, I thought he’d sprung for a toupee for [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 36-40

Ben Dunn
Tahiti Result: 17 Previous Result: 33 ASP Rating: =35
I’ve been wracking my alcohol-drenched brain, trying to determine if there was ever a more boring Australian pro surfer than Ben Dunn.  Ces Wilson? Jake Spooner? Bryce Ellis? Ben Dunn might take the cake.  If you’re gonna be a bottom-rung guy, might as well make it [...]

Tahiti POWER RANKINGS: 41-45

Michel Bourez
Tahiti Result: 33 Previous Result: 33 ASP Rating: =35
Once you’re moored down here in the doldrums, it’s a mental battle, as much as anything else.  How do you resist feeling sorry for yourself when things don’t go according to script? Michel Bourez was supposed to win Rookie of the Year. As the first Tahitian [...]

Tahiti Power Rankings: War Games

The World Tour is a shakier tower than many of it's followers would like to believe.  It always has been, really - the ramshackle brainchild of a handful of competitive motherfuckers who wanted to whip it out and see how they stacked up against each other.  So they constructed subjective measures and called them objective; [...]

The Great Equalizer

Like most ASP events, the Billabong Pro turned into an extended Kelly Slater show yesterday, despite the fact that Slater lost early for the third time in three events.
Denied their "Kelly Comeback!" angle, the media latched onto the "Kelly Vanquished - What Next?!?!" story.

When Kelly was gracious enough to continue his public psychoanalysis in the [...]

Freak Invasion.

65,000 kooks invaded this localized spot yesterday.  They ran 7 mother-fucking miles in the hot sun, finally spilling onto the beach.
I'm referring, of course, to a San Francisco institution known as "Bay to Breakers."

If you sit on the grass and watch the race go by, parade-style, it's like Vice DO's and DON'Ts brought to life.
First, [...]

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