Posted by lewis on July 18, 2009 at 9:29 am.


More waves.  Less words.

Just a stop-gap measure while I transition from hungover to drunk, and knock out the next batch of Power Rankings.

Jason Reposar.  Indonesia.  I'm trying to forget about where I'm not at.

pm2q0694 pm2q6113 pm2q6743

pm2q4614 pm2q0943 pm2q8193

pm2q7463 pm2q7871 pm2q4258


  • ReB says:

    Dear Lewis

    Damn Dude, you’re working us HARD !


    your Kidneys & Liver

  • john says:

    I miss Repo. Bummer he got deported. Remember Better Off Dead ? ” Shame to throw away a perfectly good white boy. “

  • Occy's Mum® says:

    Thanks for the new desktop — the P.O.V. photo from my favorite spot.

  • Dr. PacNW says:

    RIP: Walter Cronkite (92 yr)

  • ReB says:

    it’s more waves, FEWER words, not “more waves, less words.”

    how much do you pay for the grammar nanny ?

  • ReB says:

    damn, lewis. you’re pretty much getting dominated on your own blog.

  • T-Bone says:

    And ending a sentence with a preposition? Tisk tisk.

  • ReB says:

    we wouldn’t be here if not for the following - some of Lewis’ writing is almost as entertaining as Andy Irons’ performance at the 2006 Pipe Masters.

    AI he won it with 2 total come-from-behind high-9 waves, one of them ending with a floater on a piece of seaweed foam that barely had enough structure for a seagull to side on. that was going left, Pipeline. then he had another high 9 going right to seal the deal.

    part of the back story to that is that AI was hassling competitors like Rob Machado pretty ferociously. Rob talked about it at the 2007 Lowers event, he sounded still slightly pissed and like it was reasonable to be slightly pissed. AI happened to draw Rob at 2007 Lowers, and, i think, lost.

  • Sweet fotos.

    Cronkite was way fucking hot!

  • BrodyStylez says:

    The right hand column is superior to the others.

  • Surfing Terrorist says:

    Fuck this stupid photo dispatch bullshit. It’s gheyer than a three dollar bill. Using the hangover as an excuse not to post more rankings is pussy shit Lewis, get back to work.

  • Hugh G. Rection says:

    Lewis, don’t end your fucking sentences with a preposition you shaft bender! All you should have said was; “trying to forget about where i’m not.”

    NO: Where’s it at?
    Do you know where it’s at?

    Yes: Where is it?
    Do you know where it is?

    Come on shit stain.

  • goblok says:

    Twelve foot swell hitting Bali next wednesday. I’ll think about all you drunk bitches while I’m in the line up. In the meantime I’ll have a few Bintangs.

    Cheers from where you would rather be!

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