Synergist of the Year Award!

Posted by lewis on August 11, 2009 at 8:44 am.

PostSurf Synergist of the Year award goes to Paul Naude, President of Billabong USA!

In his other role as SIMA Environmental Fund President, Mr. Naude presided over the Waterman's Ball this past weekend, which raised over $400,000 for various environmental non-profit organizations.

The Waterman's Ball also honored Dave Rastovich with an award for Environmentalist of the Year.

Mr. Rastovich's award was based in part on his role as the "face of some of the surf industry’s prominent environmentally friendly product campaigns," according to the SIMA website.


Not all those in attendance were equally impressed by Mr. Rastovich's Environmentalist of the Year award.

"I don’t understand what he’s really accomplished other than getting his name in the papers," a career environmentalist who asked to remain anonymous told PostSurf. "His cause is an easy thing to get behind - who doesn’t want to save a fuckin’ whale?  I think Rasta’s intentions are pure, but Billabong has taken his beliefs and turned them into an eco-marketing campaign for their recycled boardshorts and wetsuits."

To some environmentalists, who despite years of post-graduate education have chosen to work for a pittance at non-profits, Rasta's award is irresponsible at best.

Recently, Rastovich raised a few eyebrows when he attended The Climate Project Australia Asia Pacific Summit, hosted by Al Gore.  Prior to the summit, Mr. Rastovich explained “Part of attending this summit is to become an advocate for climate change and to pass on the messages through my own activities.”

Even casual environmentalists noted that climate change brought on by global warming is something that Mr. Rastovich has dedicated himself to preventing... not becoming an advocate for, as he remarked in a Billabong press release.

"Rasta's not educated," noted a prominent environmentalist after the Waterman's Ball. "I do shitloads of research and prepare myself, and Rasta is just cruisin', goin' surfing for the cameras -  he doesn’t know the details, doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s misinformed in terms of what’s happening with the causes he represents. "

Because of this, some figures in the environmental community have expressed concern that awarding Dave Rastovich as the Environmentalist of the Year sends the wrong message.


"There’s tons of people that are not individual egos, but they do the real work for environmental organizations - they're the ones who make a real difference yet don't get any credit."

As we go to press, the great minds of surf culture are trying to figure out whether Dave "The Face of Billabong's Eco Campaign" Rastovich's Environmentalist of the Year award is in any way related to Paul Naude's dual presidency of both the SIMA Environmental Fund and Billabong USA.

Synergy or pure coincidence?

PostSurf has decided to give Mr. Naude the benefit of the doubt, and celebrate his accomplishment with a PostSurf Synergist of the Year award.


  • Bird Robot says:

    Apparently being first is cool.

  • JimG says:

    Not to mention that saving individual species is the least of our problems. It’s noble, but we have real problems - global warming, adequate supplies of drinking water, etc. - that need global cooperation to fix.

  • JimG says:

    If the surf industry was really environmental, it would stop changing fashion so that older clothing did not become obsolete requiring the sheep to purchase new clothes. I never thought I’d see neon return: if you buy neon trunks, you are a sheep & will be tossing them in a couple years.

  • ReB says:

    as long as they ride polyurethane foam and/or epoxy boards, surfers will have zero real credibility as environmentalists.

    if that’s hard to understand, tour a surfboard factory cradle-to-grave - including the materials manufacturers, including the “toxic waste disposal” practices used by the manufacturers.

  • David Rastovich is a fine young man dutifully paving the roads on all of our lives with his best intentions. Paul Naude is like the President of CalTrans, just making sure that David can do his work undeterred by the ordinary rules of the road and by the conscience which inevitably exacerbates knowledge.

    New for the Spring 2010 Billabong line: Orange vests emblazoned with the Billabong logo!

  • The Nug says:

    Rastovich may care about the environment, he may be a relatively nice guy, but he sure as shit snaked me at Salk Creek this past weekend.

  • Illuminatie says:

    Lewis, Check this crap out:

    Just when you thought SUPing was as bad as it can get. This is what happens when you cross a SUP+Goat Boater+Rollerblader. I did not know kooks could get this kooky. We need to take back the waves.

  • bdub says:

    Does he still refuse to talk on tuesdays? Rasta needs a holographic Power balance enema, inserted by his sugar daddy paul naude. Maybe billabong could place an ass crack zipper on their newest recycled boardshorts to streamline the process.

  • ted says:

    I’m worried. first and foremost about how the surf industry appears to be a giant fraternity that is hell bent on promoting general mediocrity. Then congratulating each other on said mediocrity, and doing it again, and again, and again. I’m not sure if surfing was ever a sport of free thinking individualists like the older generations claim, but it sure hasn’t been for as long as I have been alive.
    Secondly, What the fuck does “waterman” mean? That is another one of those often used terms that, apparently, used to have some sort of substance but now gets tacked onto any surfing discipline outside of riding a thruster. It’s not the Sea Sweepers tour, it’s the Waterman’s Tour. It’s not the Smug Self-Congratulatory ball, it’s the Waterman’s Ball. Whoever these “Watermen” are, they sound like a big syndicate of flaccid old white men who enjoy nothing more than wallowing in piles of money mixed with their own fetid filth.

  • Lance says:

    I’m sure I am speaking for all of us that visit this site by saying I am tired of Dave Rastovich. Maybe if we all stop talking about him he will just go away like those tabloid celebrities that no one remembers anymore now. Oh and Dave your ex-wife says “maghe ahleh eohah hhwoehf howhe” sorry I can’t understand her as she is sucking my whale sized cock right now.

  • birdog says:

    Rasta’s efforts are applaudable and shouldn’t be derided.
    There is no doubt, however that other people are working much harder, in a more focused and effective way to bring about awareness and positive change in how we treat the environment.
    Naude using SIMA as a platform to promote Billabong team riders and their eco-friendly products is a bit shameless and sets a bad precedent.
    It’s better to recognize a truly dedicated environmentalist for their work alone - and not with an interest in tying it to the promotion of some product.
    Indeed, over consumption is one of the greatest threats our environment faces!

  • No se' says:

    Global warming might exist but Americans reversing it on their own is a hoax. The earth cools and warms. Period. You can’t limit the number of S.U.V.’s on the road, wreck the economy and make Al Gore rich and expect to alter the fucking climate of earth!!!! Are you serious? No on cap and trade!

    This has been the coolest summer ever all over the east coast and it is the least active hurricane season in decades. Don’t take my hard earned money and spend it based on Al Gores research when in fact Gore’s carbon footprint in bigger than Greg Emslies feet, Kelly Slater’s ego, CaliGirls ass and Jasmine’s rack combined.

  • No se' says:

    @ birdog

    Do you have more than one surfboard and one wetsuit? How about a car? Stereo system? Television?

    Do you ever take trips on an airplane to go surfing? Do you ever drive 50 plus miles for a half hour session in south wind slop?

    Fucking hypocrite.

  • Chris Cote says:

    Nothing like an unamed whinging environmentalist crying about not getting recognized. Rasta is a good human. A lot of us wouldn’t know shit about environmental issues of it wasn’t for dudes like Rasta and companies like Billabong enlightening us to the basic issues (i sound like a retard in that last sentence).
    Either way, your “prominent environmentalist” source sounds like a whiny little bitch. Go do more research, stay anonymous, shut the fuck up. Don’t be a jealous, do something good just to do it not cause you want an award and a hand-job from the surf industry.

    4 unrelated problems with the Waterman’s Ball this year:

    The food at the Waterman’s Ball wasn’t that good this year—bland shrimp.

    My hair looked like shit—real thin, wispy, soft, and limp.

    I though that Jimmicane was gonna fight Jake Howard, that’s why I stayed so late.

    Some dude cockblocked me and outbid me to win passes to all the Museums in San Diego—dick.

  • Jasmine says:

    @ Chris Cote

    I heard you got cock blocked at Rockies by Granger and Clay last December.

  • Me says:

    @ Cote

    Billabong and Rasta have “enlightened” you? You are the editor of a major surf mag and you needed Billabong and Rasta to enlighten you? Surfing really is doomed.

  • @Chris Cöté

    What, exactly, has Rasta brought to the attention of us poor peasants, that hasn’t already been hammered home by the people who are knowledgeable in this field… like, I don’t know, scientists?

    I remember being clearly told in my third grade year, during the Fall of 1923, that you should recycle your plastics, finish your plate at the dinner table, and not buy new clothes or surfboards each time you get a small ding or a logo changed on your favorite brand.

    Regardless, I have it on good authority that Lewis’ anonymous source was actually Chris Cöté’s mother… he was just trying to spare you from an adverse reaction.

  • Me says:

    @ Cote

    You needed Billabong and Rasta to enlighten you? You are the editor of a major surf mag and you needed them? Wow no wonder why you mag is such dog shit.

  • Chris Cote says:

    My mom actually was a bus-woman at the event. Thank you BR.

    I didn’t know you could make trunks out of recycled bottles, so yeah, i was enlightened.

    On a side, note, any event that raises millions of dollars for environmental awareness should be applauded.

  • john says:


    Your daily bread has now become a three-foot long baguette that I will scarf down with extra nutella. The shot of Rasta with the plastic bottles is well, sad to say the least. What did he do with those things, eat them ? I’m willing to bet he didn’t do jack-shit. Hey, what do ya know, it’s Tuesday. Guess we won’t be hearing from him today…

    Got the new issue today. The Swatch ad of Bob-o is really heavy.

  • I was watching a commercial on TV the other day about all the wonderful contributions this one company was doing to aid the environment. I felt good. I felt enlightened.

    Then I was blinded by a Red, White and Blue Logo as the commercial ended.

    Later that day, I filled up my car with mid-octane Chevron for 3 bucks a gallon.

    Not really sure why…

  • ted says:

    Is Dave “merMAN” Rastovich a mouth breathing idiot who has to be reminded not to drool by his handlers? Perhaps, but his job isn’t to be an analyst, it’s to publicize the cause. Cote mistyped when he wrote “A lot of use wouldn’t know shit about environmental issues if it wasn’t for dudes like Rasta…”. The truth is that many people wouldnt know ABOUT environmental issues. Despite the fact that people now know that whales are being killed thanks to Rasta, they still don’t know shit about the actual problem. So Rasta makes people feel informed while actually keeping them quite ignorant, and I might add, stupid looking, in neon board shorts.

  • Dumb Guy says:

    Last night I synergized so hard it flew right past my head.

  • birdog says:

    @ No Se’

    Who is suggesting that Americans must reverse global warming on their own?
    Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the challenges ahead knows that the rising middle class in places like India and China (hence, dramatically increased consumption by that population) is forecasted to have a considerable impact on climate change in the near future.
    It’s a complicated issue that may require more consideration than your temper can endure.

  • daveyjoneslizard says:

    let rasta fuck his whales. who cares? if you were a whale fucking obsidian scraped alaia shaping hologram snorting yoga porking new age kiwi goon and some self-serving retards wanted to fete you and give money to a cause you may not understand but you are definitely passionate about, wouldn’t you do it? of course you would, if you could your semen-spackled hands disengaged from you commodore 64 keyboard. rasta isn’t the problem. bloviating fuckface corporate CEOs that operate tijuana sweatshops and dipshit “no on cap and trade!” morons are the problem. whining, ball-gargling environmentalists don’t help either, although even a XXY-having mongoloid like myself can tell that is what one calls a literary device.

  • yakas says:

    all rasta has ever taught me was that we could wear plastic now because its the future.

    where as in the past we wore plastic and didn’t know it was plastic.

  • the hampsternator says:

    Well, while Rasta seems kind of douchey, I would not have been aware of the dolphin slaughter in Taiji without him. He raises awareness for all sorts of office bound yuppie scum who actually do care and have money to donate to get things done like myself.

    After the Billabong promo Framelines his stock was way up, then he rode surf mats and alaias, which made him gay, but after seeing The Cove last night, I have his power ranking heading back up.

    Cote, didn’t you guys publish an article about that diarreah fest of a movie Sprout? Also, didn’t you publish an article with Geoff Brack a few years ago where he said he shits on Dane Reynolds? Can we get this stuff online somehow? I can hardly believe these things happened.

  • BrodyStylez says:

    This post is everything I’ve ever wanted from the surf media; everything retarded dicksuckers like Cote cannot and will not say. My rhetorical question is this: Who were the other candidates that Rasta beat for this award? If the competition was strictly limited to non-competitive professional surfers, then this award may be acceptable, but under any other possible circumstances it is unmitigated bullshit. This ’synergy’ is the same bullshit as the tavarua/surfline or Paul Naude/tavarua debacles, and the overarching theme of surf media as a whole: weak promotions poorly disguised as content.

    While Rasta appears to be an imbecile, I think that it is much more likely that he, like most of us, could give two shits about the earth, but his appearance as such to ‘environmentally aware’ (read: power balance buyers) surfers gives Billabong inroads to that market. The surf media is forced to keep conveying this image to keep the product consistent, which is evidenced in this very comment section by Cote’s unwillingness to concede the point that Rasta is a total fucking ‘tard and has done far more harm to the environment than he could ever possibly hope to change. While I support the noble cause of protecting the environment, I withhold my support from those who are simply in it for profiteering and promoting an image that does not support the actual accomplishments, those like Gore and his disciple Rasta.

    Wonderful piece, Mr. Samuels.

  • Hobo says:


    Why was Jimmicane gonna fight Howard. Someone needs to send that kid back home.

  • Nerd says:

    He is lame in a lot of ways, like Al Gore, but he brings awareness to the environment to a large audience that would otherwise be unaware, as does Al Gore.

  • Eric Hogetz says:

    The Hog Nutz returneth.

    Do not like Dave Rastavich nor Paul Naude. Their efforts and attempts at deceiving the surfing world (while somewhat different), pale in comparison to the deceptions of other athletes/companies.

    P.S. - If you have any Quik stock (ZQK), dump that shit immediately as that company is on the verge (yet again) of bankruptcy, and their latest alliance with Kelly/Terry/Tinley has fucked off the rest of the surfing world so badly that they are one alphanumeric read pin away from a sunken battleship.

  • I love waterman’s balls!!!

  • Pobby Brown says:

    To me, Watermen are still the guys with funny accents that go crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • MDora says:

    If one more person says, “…but he does bring awareness to the environment…blah blah blah” I might have to stop reading inane postsurf comments…come to think of it…

    Listen up sheeple: all we hear about is the environment and how man is screwing with it…it’s k-12 curriculum nowadays. Dammit morons think for yourself! If you have a hard time sifting through the conflicting data and arguments then just go anecdotal. How’s this summer been for you? Heat wise that is. Unless you live in Texas, this summer has been un-seasonably cool. Now of course one summer doesn’t end debate, but if you start to think for yourself and weed out the media, Rasta, Al Gore, your professor, you’ll notice that it’s not any warmer now than it was last year or 5,10, 20 years ago.

    Furthermore, there is no disagreement that global temps are not static but fluctuate, this has always been the case. But the charlatans of the world, some who stand to benefit greatly by selling carbon offsets, tell us that no this time is different, it’s man causing the warming. Nonsense.

    By the way, in case you never venture outside of your own cozy information bubble, more and more scientists who once believed in anthropogenic global warming (man-made) now have reversed their positions and dispute said theory. If you have an open mind, view “the great global warming swindle” on like google video to get a primer on the dissenting view. Although as said above, and judging by my reading of the comments, most of you are sheep and believe what is spoon fed you.

  • ReB says:

    not to change the subject or anything, but why does Shipstern’s have that ski jump ramp in it ?

    i figure it’s either a rock under the surface, or a reflection from the boulders (at the shore) that are real close to the impact zone.

  • I'm Aware that I'm Unaware says:

    Regardless of whether you believe global warming or not:

    What is this, 1995??

    Bringing awareness… to surfers? Like Dora said, this is K-12 curriculum now, even in America’s shitty school systems. Who are you making aware? A neanderthal like Chris Cote?

    Bitch please! Aren’t surfers supposed to be more aware of their environment than oh, say, pig fuckers in Alabama? Do corporate titans in the surfing industry really need to congratulate one of their own for telling us that killing whales isn’t good and making knickers out of recycled material is good? Put a fucking fourth grader from Muskogie up on stage or send him to the pygmie’s in Brazil’s rainforest, and he’ll reiterate the same qeue card rhetoric being lipped by Rasta.

    Is that grounds for ‘Environmentalist of the Year?’

  • the real rasta says:

    rasta deserves marketing hold up of the year award

  • Ancient Jetties says:

    As if I didn’t already think Billabong jumped the shark years ago…Rasta getting any such big nod + an environmentalist award illustrates the pure power of deep bullshit, like most marketing techniques are wont to implement. There are dudes busting their humps for Scripps and NOAA, Surfrider and Sierra Club, etc., or other actual endeavors of substance and consequence happening out there. But right here’s an industry toast to a feeble poster boy, nothing more. Not a real award. Green marketing is a neat-O fad now, it is used to sell shit. Rasta sez: “Turles and whales are rad! Let me prove it by flying all over the world, and staying in hotels and driving SUVs to remote places just to take photos of myself near them.” Yeah thanks Rasta, awesome, we didn’t know. Misapropriatin’ shill fuck.

  • reed rothchild says:

    i saw this big thing on the discovery channel that global warming is coming form inside the earth with all the molten core coming to the surface. rasta should do us all a favor and jump into a volcano and spare us all his self promoting garbage

  • Meatwad says:

    ok. we all agree rasta is a tool but you NEED to see this
    this is funny ass standup water ski shit thank you illuminatie this meade my day!

  • surfcheck says:

    No Se and MDora are obviously Mark (and maybe SymrnaJeff)- notice their mouths don’t move at the same time? Only this week it’s dissing climate change while last week it was health care reform. Unseasonally cool? Wasn’t Portland it’s hottest ever 103 last week & Seattle missed the record by one degree- oh right it’s only in Texas. I’ll raise you 10 peer-reviewed studies for each Youtube video with a “dissenting view” from Tobacco Institute shills. Scary thing is there are actually right-wingnut surfers out there- got to wonder about the karma. But don’t worry, Rasta is on your side- remember, he’s advocating “for” climate change. Hey I hope you’re right and at least everything’s cool with my homebreak-

  • Hog Flu says:

    Surfcheck is Lewis.

  • Chris Cote says:

    To Jasmine,:
    yes i got cock blocked at Rockies by Granger and Clay last December, those kids are kooks, thats why i wont run them in my mag anymore.
    Rasta: I will run you on the cover if you put more logos on your board, ride a tri fin and hang out with other 12 year old transworld mag fans.
    I am trying to be like the older brother to mundo rad.

  • Chris Cote says:

    not really me, i would have taken credit for this comment if it was at all funny

  • chris cote's brother says:

    rasta is a snake in the water. i hope he is getting paid because al gore has been making millions of his environment platform. my brother is a pro-surfer pole licker. i love the surf industry!!!!! man love all around!!!

    ps - chris, you still owe me for the eight ball the other night….

  • Robert's Your Mother's Brother says:

    I’m with BrodyStylez on this one. And obviously LS.

    “Chris Cote says:
    August 11, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Nothing like an unamed whinging environmentalist crying about not getting recognized. Rasta is a good human. A lot of us wouldn’t know shit about environmental issues of it wasn’t for dudes like Rasta and companies like Billabong enlightening us to the basic issues (i sound like a retard in that last sentence).
    Either way, your “prominent environmentalist” source sounds like a whiny little bitch. Go do more research, stay anonymous, shut the fuck up. Don’t be a jealous, do something good just to do it not cause you want an award and a hand-job from the surf industry.

    4 unrelated problems with the Waterman’s Ball this year:

    The food at the Waterman’s Ball wasn’t that good this year—bland shrimp.

    My hair looked like shit—real thin, wispy, soft, and limp.

    I though that Jimmicane was gonna fight Jake Howard, that’s why I stayed so late.

    Some dude cockblocked me and outbid me to win passes to all the Museums in San Diego—dick.”

    What Chris Cote meant:

    “Chris Cote says:
    August 11, 2009 at 10:03 am

    I’m nothing. I’m like an unamed whinging environmentalist. I do alot of crying about not getting recognized. Rasta is human feces; a poseur. I don’t know shit about environmental issues, and I definitely don’t know shit about surfing.

    I’d be homeless if it wasn’t for dudes like Rasta and companies like Billabong. But someone needs enlightening. (I sound like a retard in every thing I say and deserve a life sentence).

    Anyway, as a kid I wanted to be a “prominent environmentalist” but ended up a whiny little bitch. If I had only done more research, stayed anonymous, and shut the fuck up. I’m jealous, and I want an award and a hand-job from the surf industry.

    4 uninteresting problems with the Waterman’s Balls this year:

    The food at the Waterman’s Ball wasn’t that good this year—bland shrimp. It was cold, too. But that’s probably because I was busy sucking off most of the surf company bigwig’s and was a late for the meail.

    My hair looked like shit—real thin, wispy, soft, and limp. Probably because I’m going bald and my dad looks like a cross between Charlie Brown and Homer Simpson. Don’t even ask about mom.

    I just can’t suck enough cock, that’s why I stayed so late.

    Some hot dude out-cocksucked me to win passes to all the Museums in San Diego— I have a tiny dick.

  • Dave Rastavich says:

    Brah, I was educated by the essence of the sea. A whale taught me the true chi of chah. My other education came in the form of surf magazines and looking at myself in the mirror.

    I look brilliant and have the look of someone who understands environmental issues. I now only surf wood planks and rock recycled plastic boardies and use an electric car to get around. I never use products or chemicals based from oil and I am a firm supporter of hemp products (esp. high grade).

    The surf industry is on the cutting edge of environmental issues. just like every industry operating in the world economy today. Billabong is in the process of transferring it’s production from poor (enslaved to capitalists) asian countries to offset the massive amounts of fuel we use to ship our products across the entire world too! We’re not worried about our capital structures or shareholders, they can fuck off! We only want whats best for the world…not billabong. We love the environment and wouldn’t want to propagate a sport which stands to harm it.. brah!

  • Slaten says:

    how does bobblehead lopez stlye stealing Rob Machado escape this critical analysis? He SUP’s, pretends he is laid back and all groovy, while his neon bubble gum wax style of the 80’s is exactly what he is TRYING not to be today. Jimi Hendrix, yeah Donovan already stole that groovy tube. Please Rob, be original. You are the american Rasta counterpart. I know, you have a pipe masters title and won a few contests in 2 foot waves. What is he really known for except some hair, a high five and an attempt to be a musician. No wonder Slaten doesn’t hang out with you anymore. Eat a ham sandwich on white bread. Rasta is way more interesting than Mob, Pat, Peter, Tim and that lame crew. All these guys need to do is surf, shut up and quit trying to outsmart 80% of the world population.

  • shakazulu says:

    Rasta’s an easy target..while many others in the surf industry would shy away from anything that may set them up as a potential dartboard by the cybernet bloggers with the definitive opinion…when its just another layer of a big rotten onion. Maybe the award would be better titled as “the most Eco marketable surfer” alowing billabong to expand and consume and do it all with a self imposed clear conscience..and yes I am a post graduate that likes a handjob from the missus….not the surf industry:<<<<

  • reed rothchild says:

    i have one word to sum up rasta, al gore, and the whole surf industry - hypocrites

  • MDora says:


    Hey you proved my point (about being a sheep that is)! Like all you sheep (libs) when someone disagree’s with your mentally ill fantasies, you accuse dissenters of “shilling” for big tobacco. How original. Now that I think about it, you’re actually a bit off the reservation in that you didn’t invoke the name of “big” oil. A real black sheep you are…

    Actually, you can produce no peer reviewed studies if the caveat that those conducting the study don’t in anyway stand to benefit from the continuation of the the global warming canard.

    But truthfully, Rasta is a real eco-warrior in that he can paddle a canoe to dreamy surf spots the world over. We know he would never fly in a plane or drive a car with all that naughty carbon they admit…

  • dr says:

    dave is a very nice down to earth guy who really does care about the environment and has grown into his marketing image without protest, because hes not, and you know not many of us are, unusually clever.
    The poor bastard is from the goldcoast for starters, which despite its surfing mecca reputation abroad, is an absolute abortion of a town. such an embarrassment to australia in fact that turtle neck galliouse smoking melbournites and pretty much anyone form europe older than 25, refuse to visit. His bitch wife is also professional mermaid not good for dave sstate of mind no matter wchih way you look at it AND hes endorsing magic stickers and being paid in magic beans. The cardboard cutout broadsword has freely admitted to endorsing products he doesn’t use or can even hold down( see ‘up and go’ breakfast drink a few years ago) so his credibility, at least among anyone literate is non existent. Shit ive talked myself around from a moderate post which was my intention. you reap what you sew. go fuck a dolphin you bongo thumping faux vegan bitch(oh I do eat fish maaate its siiiiick! and good for my balls.) WON’T SOMBODY PLEEEEEEEEEEASE THINK OF THE TUNA?

  • al says:

    rasta may be a moron, but who here wouldn’t want to trade jobs with him?

  • Crusty Native says:

    How many of you are surfrider members?
    How many of you pick up trash when you walk by it at the beach and can readily dispose of it?
    How many of you have made an investment in a vehicle that lowers emissions or gets more than 30+ mph, 40+ mph?
    How many of you have done a beach clean-up day?
    Now I’m not an environmental saint, but I do my part. It’s all about doing your part. Little incremental steps. Hat’s off to guys like Rasta that humbly enforce change in thier sponsors and the lives of those that they touch.
    Piss off to the default angry haters that live to beat down fresh ideas and people working for change.

  • Lewis & Clark says:

    Crusty Native, you saved the world. Oh wait, you haven’t existed for hundreds of years.

  • This has nothing to do with Rasta, just a smooth little vid with longboarding and boobies in Nicaragua.

  • JimG says:

    @ MDora: take a look at the ice sheets - everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s us or cyclical, we need to live here & CO2/other pollutants don’t cool the atmosphere.

    Scientists disagree on it but a lot of them who have been right in the past say we are fucked if we don’t take action. So maybe on this one we should error on the side of caution. Plus, we get cleaner air.

    On the plus side, I may have ocean front property by 2040 (or sooner given the quicker ice sheet melt) if a couple of the scientist are correct on ocean’s rising.

  • Robert's Your Mother's Brother says:

    Crusty Native. You lost me at “Surfrider Foundation” and “humbly enforce change in their sponsors and the lives that they touch”.

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  • gene gadera says:

    When cote(x) was in the booth during the us open, I actually missed GT. Any thought out there on the biggest douche bags in the industry? besides cote.

  • BrodyStylez says:

    If one does not believe in the harmful effects of automobile emissions I challenge you to take the BrodyStylez emissions test. It is very simple to conduct. Simply park your car (preferably the lowest emission model available) in the garage, roll the windows down and the garage door up, and let that bitch idle for as long as you can stand. If you survive until the tank runs out, you have successfully proven that automobile exhaust has no harmful effect on the ambient environment. Ideally, it will become clear to you that, yes, there is a need to reform emissions standards. However, this test does not conclusively prove anthropomorphic global warming or that CO2 levels are the engine for climate change. Al Gore willfully neglects to mention C02 level data from beyond 600,000 years because it disproves this hypothesis, but he is correct in assuming that you wankers would be too lazy to fact check based on your political loyalties.

    If you even so much as own a computer and crusade as an eco warrior you are a retarded hypocrite, and even worse one if you rely on such cultural luminaries as Rasta to increase your awareness and ‘put pressure on their sponsors’. I believe that if consumers demand change, producers respond accordingly. The problem is that the eco-friendly version of most products (namely automobiles)that are demanded are inferior products that sound good on paper but few want in actuality. I think industrial civilization and sustainability are at odds by definition and cannot coexist. If all the world enjoyed the America’s standard of living the world would be gone tomorrow. You can pick up all the trash you like, there will be 100 of your evil counterparts destroying your efforts tomorrow.

    And I’m sick of hearing about this dolphin bullshit. I understand that Rasta is a vegan, and is therefore warranted in his criticism, but fuck him. The rest of you willingly partake in the equally cruel slaughter of animals of the same or greater intelligence levels on a daily basis, but have never been confronted with the sight of the slaughter so its all peachy. Those dolphins are no different than pigs, only they’re dumber, cuter, and actually live free, enjoyable lives frolicking in the surf. So fuck you and your western sensibilities you hypocrites. And fuck dolphins too.

  • Crusty Native says:


    FACT: the ocean is far dirtier in SC, HMB, and SF then it was when I first started surfing in the mid 70’s. The sand itself at OB was cleaner. There are far less days now when you can see the sandy bottom then in previous years/decades. It’s just a simple observation that if you have a baseline of experience you can correlate and figure out that pollution is a reality and it is messing up our environment.

    The environment is not a partisan issue.

  • Occy's Mum says:

    Well, I just watched The Present and holy fucking Jesus crap I have only one thing to say about Dave. He surfs good.

  • Chris Cote says:

    Fuck you Robert’s Your Mother’s Brother, you dont even know what you are talking about, stupid,
    you will never be in my magazine
    suck it!!!


    Fragile fascist ego driven baller. Surf tongue. Right wing sniper.

    Key Words: Blasphemer; Whitey; Smyrna, Australia, balls, ʻsick of hearʻinʻ butt worshiping; cock sucking
    banned asshole from De Moines moves to the North Shore; tags, key words: asshole, wannabe. internet wanker, slog. slug. panty-waste. balls, golden, beach.

  • Mike says:

    Ouch, Cote gets burned for one ill advised post. Torched instead of Rasta. Mutherfucker is still smiling though.

    As for Rasta, I recently saw a clip of him trying to “save” whales. Two old fisherman poked him away as the massacre was going on. Resilience no, more concerned about his exit plans. The WHALES had no exit, Rasta. Somehow Rasta found glory in evading the police while the whales screamed.

    More importantly, although the Japanese fisherman needed to swim at least, is Rasta’s glory over recycled surf trunks. Recycled out of plastic trash. And Sewn by Slave Labor in Thailand. The contradiction of money. Let’s call it Slave Green, the newest trend and Chris Cote is “enlightened”. Sorry CC, you set yourself up. Isn’t Paul Naude a great guy?

    All Davey boy has to do is keep the camera’s running.


    Thatʻs great “Mike,” get tubed.

  • pablo says:

    hey all u dumb shits. remember learning about the ice ages in elementary school??? What causes them to melt, Dinosaur farts??? Cavemen driving SUVs??? Are we really ready to destroy our economy and give up our freedoms over junk science. I cant wait until the government gets to tell me what to drive, where to live, what to eat,what to wear so on and so on all for the “environment”. Not everything u see on Mtv or the latest enviro-propaganda film is fact dipshits. I’d go on but i have to go check the mail my “BIG OIL” hush money check should be in by now. Go hug a tree fags.


    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Lose it! Yeah!

  • Fidel says:

    Crusty Native =Cum Dumpster

  • Kampion, Hynd, Warshaw and Hawk says:

    How long until the next wct contest?

  • SmyrnaJeff says:

    This Jasmine chick sounds killer! I would plaster my f-250 with power balance stickers and sell my bass boat if I could roll around in the sand with her for about 20 minutes or so.

  • In Defense says:

    Hey BVB I bet Mike has been tubed twice as much as you. Not counting all of the “throaty brown barrels” you have stuffed yourself into while exploring the darker side of “the city”.

  • Naudes says:

    Cote please get your head out of my ass. Your comments will not nurish your starving zine. That latest issue looks like it is on a serious diet? 100 Pages?

  • Geo. Patten says:

    ALGORE, douchebag.

    Dave Rastovich, mini douche nozzle.

  • Crusty Native says:

    fidel = frustrated white guy with che guevara t-shirt and a wide stance

  • Conservative Fuckwits says:

    We’re back. And we have no concrete evidence to prove anything we say. Just cockeyed opinions, spite for the world and fear of people who are smarter than us.

  • The ASP says:

    Remember 7-14-2009!

  • Tenured Professor says:

    Oh, and I don’t know too many academics in any discipline who are getting rich. Working 120 hour weeks to publish books and articles that 100 people will read, yes. Getting in the pockets of business, no. We’ll leave that to the politicians.

  • Smelly Hybrid Driving Hippy Maggots says:

    We are still here but losing faith in our government.

  • Everybody says:

    Mark should fuck off with his 30 conservative handles

  • Former Dirts turned Santa Cruz yuppy hybrid scum says:

    We don’t stink anymore. And who gets the last laugh between us and Flea?

  • John Henry Bonham says:

    Lewis is Everybody. He is sitting alone right now in his Sunset studio listening to Pearl Jam when he should be rockin Ten Years Gone by Zep. Fuckin Lefty.

  • John says:

    That picture of Rasta picking up bottles is horrendous. The concept is horrible and was executed poorly. First off that pose is so ridiculously unnatural that looking at it makes me uncomfortable. Secondly I did not realize the best way to light an environmental awareness campaign photo was to use mercury filled compact fluorescent light bulbs and dragging power sources to remote and possibly delicate ecosystems. Third it just seems so beyond contrived that it makes it impossible for any real meaning/message to be communicated through the image. Everything is screaming impure, and this seems like some real unethical shit for this guy to be mixing his corporate interests and funding them with a non-profits fund. There are millions of people who are more deserving of this award but will never win it, and that is directly correlated to the fact that they are not as marketable as Rasta. No one wants your average joe/jill who works for barely any wage living in a shack, counting piping plover nests, and collecting migratory info to win this award. Why? Because they do not have a physique that can sell my signature boardshort line.

  • Jiggyjig says:

    Rasta is the perfect ambassador for the environmental movement. The embodiment of idiocy and hypocracy. Viva la revolucion!

  • Mark says:

    @ Pablo @ 7:25 pm

    Comment of the Week.

  • Nathan Myers says:

    Pretty weak hiding behind some else’s anonymous quotes to slight someone who’s actually doing something good out there. Dave’s using what tools he has — his celebrity as a surfer — to draw attention to issues many surfers would never have known existed without the editorial headlines he’s created. Now we pretend like we’re all aware of the Japanese dolphin slaughters and ongoing whaling issues (which, if we know anything about food chains, are certainly a relevant issue to humans)…but how many people really knew they were still going on to such an extent even today until Dave dragged them forcefully into the limelight? That’s how it goes with issues like these — be it inhumane treatment in prisons or rampant harvesting of scarce resources — the vast majority of people don’t even realize that it’s a problem until someone raises awareness. And who better to raise awareness than someone who has the public’s attention?

    So, okay, this post skirts the issue by pretending to be pointing a finger Naude or the Waterman’s Ball (or even an out of context ad-shoot the surely wasn’t Rasta’s idea), but in truth, the end effect here is just undermining someone who’s actually trying to do something positive. Why do that? Is this funny?

    I know for a fact that Dave’s intentions are pure — and if surf companies, photographers, and award shows make a buck in the process of supporting him, well, that’s what they do. At least they’re supporting him.

    But Rasta has nothing to do with that end of it. He’s just working for his cause. So if you don’t agree, that’s fine — but how can anyone who calls himself a surfer justify speaking out AGAINST him? (even if it’s done using anonymous quotes and pretending its “news.”)

  • 23 Chips Balls Deep in Mermaid says:

    Thanks for the divorce Rasta. The Chips has been playing rebound man and enjoying mermaid punani. The Chips normally doesn’t settle for sloppy seconds but was willing to oblige in this case. Keep up the good work.

    23 Chips

  • Fat git says:

    Fuck this, Roy Stewart for president. There is more environmentally aware input in 1ft of one of his wooden tankers than in Rasta’s whole fricken career.

  • The Legions of the Unimpressed says:

    Websters Dictionary says:

    Nathan Myers=Billaball Licker.

  • The Legions of the Unimpressed says:

    And your Guac sucks.

  • Chris Cote says:

    Hey Nathan
    you want a job at my magazine? we really appreciate good guys like you,
    ill pay for a writing class at the mira costa community college?
    “I know for a fact that Dave’s intentions are pure”— how?
    you and rasta besties? big spooon or little spoon?
    koooooooooooooooook transworld is the mundo raddest!

  • Chris Cote says:

    Hey Nathan
    you want a job at my magazine? we really appreciate good guys like you,
    ill pay for a writing class at the mira costa community college?
    “I know for a fact that Dave’s intentions are pure”— how?
    you and rasta besties? big spooon or little spoon?
    transworld is the mundo raddest!

  • @Nathan Myers,

    You obviously do not get the intent of this site. It’s a shame really, that you went through the work of typing that whole comment, and pushed the ’submit’ button. You must be resting now from all the exhaustion.

    It’s like turning in a book report on Dr. Seuss, when you were asked to submit a report of ‘The Brothers Karamazov’… or, at the very least, ‘Everyone Poops.’

  • Get_tubed says:

    Recycling bottles to make new products relives garbage dumps of new inventory; however, it takes a shitload of energy to “recycle” the material and manufacture it into a new product. Bigger garbage heaps, or more energy waste? Just realize neither is environmentally-friendly and the consumerism promoted by Billabong and other companies (for the sake of making more money) is the problem.

  • … unless, Nathan, you are really two years old. In which case, I’ll cut you some slack for being ‘forced’ into the limelight of dolphin and whale torture, which Kindergarten has yet to expose you.

  • Mike says:

    Nathan, Rasta pussed out when the whales needed him by an old man in a skiff. Photo op at best as far as the whales were concerned except they were too busy being slaughtered by hand. Take your Rasta posters off your bedroom wall NM, mommy spent good money on the paint.

    Slave labor produces feel good green shorts the BBong markets through a stooge like Rasta. Surfing well is not a hall pass for good conscience or sainthood.

    Mark, shut the fuck up you fat “conservative” and take your multiple personalities with you. Turn off Rush and think for yourself….. so sorry, you’d drown in the shallow end of an empty intellectual pool.

    Money v Humanity boys, which shall it be?

  • Strange Daze says:

    MDora you’re hilarious, in a tragic kind of way. How apt.
    First, how frigging lame to use a real person’s name, especially a guy like MD. Got some kind of Dora complex going on? “I’m smarter than EEEEEVERYONE! I KNOW stuff. They’re all sheep! NOT like me! I’m wild and free. I’ll never be tamed!!!” etc etc
    Ha! You wish you had his gymnastic brain. But clearly you don’t.
    The sheep thing: err.. how does that NOT apply to people like you, who swallow the Great Global Warming Swindle theory?
    People who believe in one heavily scrutinized and very-strongly-supported-by-evidence theory, are sheep and stuck in a “cosy information bubble”
    People who believe the theory that YOU believe in, are “open minded” and somehow wise.
    Hmm … seems to me you’re in one herd and the rest of us, along with quite a few scientists who spend their time looking into this stuff, are in another.
    I wonder what it is that you lame Swindle Sheep actually want?
    Do you want people who worry about global warming to be wrong MORE than you want human beings to stop fucking up ecosystems all over the planet? Do you want it all to be a swindle MORE than you want to acknowledge things like … the fact that sharks being slaughtered on an industrial scale has an effect on the whole food chain and ocean life-system; or that large areas of the ocean are dead because of man’s activities, or that capitalism’s need for perpetual growth means we’re perpetually screwing up natural systems all across the world?
    Do you WANT humans to carry on polluting and fucking things up? If you step out of your errr …. house, you’ll see anthropogenic fuckery absolutely all over the planet. And if you don’t see it, you’re being wilfully ignorant, probably because you want to feel like some kind of Miki Dora libertarian free-thinking-iconoclastic-anti-hero.
    You’re not. That’s your own little fantasy.
    The damage we’re doing to planet Earth isn’t, but you’d have us continue anyway.
    (P.S. MD was great, but he was also a very sad man)

  • Rasta must have HUGE carbon footprint from the thousands of airmiles he travels every year. How much CO2 has/is he personally pumped/pumping as he pimps the latest flouro surf rags? On the subject the ASP World Tour
    is also inducing its share of sea leavel rise, bye bye known surf reefs/sand bars in the decades ahead. I would like my grandkids to be able to surf New Zealands reefs and bars before they are submerged. Be mindful, most waves only turn on in limited tidal ranges. Surf will be the least of our worries in the years ahead…think scarcer fresh drinkable water, oil, etc

  • Heinz Phillips says:

    Rasta aside, I nearly pissed myself when I saw that Rob Machado won the award for “Waterman of the Year.” I was in shock until I read the description of the award: “To the surfer who 1) can talk the most amount of nonsensical bullshit that the masses will swallow (think September Sessions and the trailer for his new film The Drifter); 2) can pretend like he went feral by taking pictures of himself in a tent and growing his hair long; 3) puts videos on WetSand of himself picking up a burrito on the way to a surf contest.” He definitely deserved the award. Bravo.

    I know, I know . . . yes, he surfs really well - yes, he markets himself well - but, he bothers me and I like using PostSurf to vent. Yes, I could probably do something better with my time than talk about how ridiculous Rob Machado is but I like making myself laugh. Shoots, if I ever need a quick laugh I know I can just watch the trailer for The Drifter. In fact, I guess I could say that I am thankful for Rob Machado because he makes me laugh.

  • JimG says:

    @ BrodyStylez: Great post re. checking emissions in a closed garage & amen to the rest of it. Absolutely agree. We are so bleeding heart: for example, slaughterhouses are infinitely more cruel than Mike Vick, but Mike decided to be cruel to Fido, & AMericans love their dogs.

  • Yeah, Bitch! says:

    100! You toddling tootsie-roll smugglers!

  • No way, Bitch! says:

    Nope, you’re 101 actually.

  • Yeah, Bitch! says:

    Well fuck me standing! JimG sucked the fart gust right out of my sail.

  • MDora says:

    Yeah I used Dora cuz he, say what you will about the man, would see this global warming crap for what it is. I know I know I’m the first person to ever not my real name on postsurf. I guess your parents were high when they named you “strange days”….at least that explains you’re inability to think objectively.

    Anyway you’re a dipshit and I’ll prove it. Destroying the environment by whatever means is a totally separate issue than global warming. I addressed global warming. How do you know I’m not all about saving whales or sharks? I don’t litter and often I pick up and discard litter that’s not mine. So I’m an environmentalist.

    Youre quote says it all: “capitalism’s need for perpetual growth means we’re perpetually screwing up natural systems all across the world?”
    railings of good communist there or one is well on his way to being one.

    By the way, many of the scientists and “journalists” who espouse this theory, were saying in the 70’s that we were going into another ice age. “…we were wrong then, but believe us this time…”

  • al says:

    well said Heinz Phillips. that makes me laugh. let me know how you feel about rasta, that guy is an unintentionally funny riot

  • BrodyStylez says:

    @ JimG

    It’s because Mike Vick is black. If it were Peyton Manning, he would have gotten off with probation.

    One of the central problems with the issue of environmental protection is the political polarization of the issue. When liberal douches propose mandates for environmental protection, it causes dipshit redneck republicans to burn plastic on earth day. Conversely, when so-called conservatives refuse to be convinced of man made global warming, ignorant liberals attribute it to greed and oil industry payouts, when in reality it is most likely true that their leaders, whom they view as legitimate activists, stand to profit immensely from global warming legislation. Any empirical proof of Al Gore’s ownership of carbon offset holdings would be greatly appreciated.

    Regarding this post and those who come to Rasta’s aid, our beef is not necessarily with his activism, but that we perceive him to be intellectually inferior and therefore undeserving of accolades. In my opinion activism is gay, being that it produces awareness but does not present any alternative to the current system. When Rasta invents an engine that runs on water or a dolphin meat substitute, he will earn my respect as an environmentalist. This is unlikely, being that he has the intellectual capacity of a fucking taro root.

  • al says:

    i think that dolphin slaughter thing he sat in on was horrible, but he ran away and then made jokes about the police men who were questioning him. that actress chick was all smiles and so was he


    I surf. “Darker side of the city?” WTF? San Franpsycho is about a lot more than the size of your dick. Mine measures 8″x2ʻ thick. Chicks have always called it “big.”


    8,347 tubes less than 5 seconds
    56 tubes longer than 10 seconds
    18 tubes at Pipe that seemed like forever…
    77,987.000 cutbacks.
    33,745 waves longer than 3 miles
    9,8674.000 drop inʻs.
    4 off the lips
    8,887 late drops
    56 waves larger than 14 foot ” Hawaiian”

    Should I turn pro?

  • Shock Therapy says:


    It doesn’t count when it’s done in your mammie’s vagina.

    Unless you’re Oedipus Rex… er, Oedipussy Rex.

  • The Hesher says:

    @Blasphemy Rottmouth: Hehe. “Everybody Poops”. Thank god someone’s thinking of the children around here. If you can work a Caillou reference into this comment thread, you win.

  • Robert's Your Mother's Brother says:

    What I’ve learned so far from this post, thanks to all the poster children:

    Billabong - machine. big public company that needs to continue to expand. one of many. does things for money and profit, not for your best interests.

    Paul Naude - sellout. ex-pro surfer turned businessman. south african. how do they keep getting in this country and squeezing money from ’surfing’?

    David Rastovich - super talented surfer. sellout. the archetypal ‘modern surfer’. thanks Malloys for the self-promotion blueprint. is human and did get seriously burned by his wife. then again, anyone except Hefner who does a photo shoot with his barely dressed wife in provocative poses deserves the lesson that comes with it.

    Chris Cote - apparently no shame and even less spine. the archetypal ‘modern surfing magazine editor’. the misinformed misinforming the uninformed. matches in the hands of children. doesn’t think he has a problem, which ironically, is the problem.

    Nathan Myers - read the article again. the source quoted ASKED to remain anonymous. it happens all the time with writers that have integrity (Woodward and Bernstein i.e. “Deep Throat” from Watergate). you are right about one thing; “Rasta” is a celebrity. he’s not a soul surfer. that would be a joke. and if you’ve ever been out surfing - particularly on the East coast of Australia - when he shows up with the entourage, the cameras, the commercialism, you’d know how hard he works at the celebrity, while showing not much regard for the everyday surfer who’s just trying to get in a few waves. hoax.

    SIMA - association by, of and for the ‘surfing’ business machine. this group would meet in Las Vegas if there were waves.

    Waterman’s Ball - for example, would Buzzy Trent or Jose Angel attend? no.

    Surfrider Foundation - just what surfing needs, more bureaucracy.

    Don’t buy into the marketing bullshit that Billabong and the others feed you.

    Walk or bike when possible.

    Pick up your trash.

    Do what you can for the environment and use common sense

    Don’t vote for politicians who support anti-environmental policies or companies.

    Recycle anything you can.

    Don’t buy or buy into ‘surfing’ magazines (which are generally made from bullshit and trees).

    Since surfboards and wetsuits are made from Petroleum, to a greater or lesser degree, every surfer is a hypocrite.

  • bone an raized says:

    Dora should stay dead


    Reverse the Complex to undo bad results from shock therapy…

  • Shock Therapy says:

    I double dog reverse the complex with your mom’s cherry on top.

  • Freitas says:

    Lewis i couldnt agree more with your post about the pathetic scene of rasta and all the environment thing!
    It seems that rasta found a way to survive (earn money), with this posing, green thing, pick up bottles in sand, save dolphins in ocean bla bla bla…its a form to win money, billabong and he!and we common human beings eat that shit!
    I never like rasta cause because sound so fake!Its fancy be green so lets all be green!
    No more posing and no more mr. nice guys…

  • Strange Daze says:

    Glad to hear MDora’s an environmentalist. This whole rage-against-the-eco thing is just arrogance and delusion. This is your planet getting fucked up, too, and what are you doing about it? Wasting energy trashing on people who use their lot to try and change things.
    You can argue Rasta is a sell-out. But why waste your finger-power typing that shit? He’s alot more positive than all the rest of the pro surfers who consciously DON’T put their heads above the parapet – largely because they’re frightened of what people like YOU will say if they dare to have an opinion.
    Sometimes you guys sound like the modern equivalent of fascist brownshirts - whole brigades of the ignorant and gullible, sent out to publicly harass anyone dissenting from the Nazi line. “Rasta gives a shit about something, he must be mocked and hated until he comes back into line!” Meanwhile, Andy who-gives-a-fuck Irons is some kind of redneck hero just because he’s a moronic hedonist who surfs good!
    Y’all are so discerning.
    Um, global warming: sorry, I assumed that because you hated on global warming believers and people who generally acknowledge man’s effects on the planet, I thought you sounded like you didn’t give a shit about any part of nature and what man’s been doing to it. If you pick up litter, you truly are a hero, and we should all be grateful to have you onboard this planet. Way to go, MD!
    As for me being a communist - just don’t worry about it, ok? You Americans think ’socialist’ is a bad word! Hilarious. You think communist equates to devil-worshipper or something, so you fear them all. I’m neither, and using the word “capitalism” and pointing out one of capitalism’s fundamental flaws, doesn’t make anyone a communist, socialist, or devil worshipper. Sorry, I just have an “open mind”.
    I suggest you step out of your own “information bubble” and learn some stuff. It’s better than guessing what real geniuses might say and borrowing their name to try and garner some gravitas.

  • Heinz Phillips says:


    Here’s one way I think one could differentiate Machado and Rastovich:

    Machado is a phony that gets credit for something he did not do (unless people give him credit for saying stupid shit and eating burritos – he does do that). Rastovich is not a phony and probably gets too much credit for his actions. Regardless, I think both are unintentionally hilarious.

    That may be flawed – but something along those lines.

  • Mike says:

    @ Roberts your Mother’s brother…. lame post name, but spot on. Keep connecting dots and you’ll find most “organizations” have a compromise or two. Nice read and even punctuated, a Post Surf novelty.

    BvB, imagination usually is more creative. Well, except for you.

    Everyone is clowning Rasta. Consider St. Michael Jordan, basketball Icon. Pimps Hanes, made in Honduras by slaves. Pimps Nike, made in Indo by slaves. Pimps Mc Donalds, poison. The descendent of slaves represents those that enslave humans who make MJ money. Rich, isn’t it?

    Ever consider that African Americans still worship their slave owners religion…. filled with Bunnies, elves and santas. The world is upside down and logic is no longer present. Who should be less christian than the slaves ancestors? I guess rebellion has it’s limit and primitive fear often works. Often as in always.

    Sorry, back to surfing. Mark sucks.

  • Lewis "Donkey Boy" Samuels says:

    I am a pro blogger. It is how I get noticed for my surfing. I blog to show everyone how good I surf.

  • throwspoop says:

    Samuels, you hit the nail on the head with this one…

  • Matto says:

    good article, lots of good comments too.

    blind monkey dolphin & whale savers need to fuck off. if they arent endangered then they’re fair game. better to eat them then farmed species. typical of us aussies to try to tell another culture that we know whats best for them. we’re modern and empowered after all so everyone should do what we tell them.

    reminds me of the french nuclear tests in the south pacific, to which australia jumped up and down about stopping. oh wait, who sold the french the uranium? oh oops…

    whats the transport miles on surf clothing again? fuck off billabong you corporate wankers, and rasta, get off their tit if you want to be taken seriously.

    satellite measurements show the earth has been cooling since 2002 but dont worry about that, just make sure you turn the clocks on your computers back at midnight at the end of august cause they arent programmed to measure september 2009 and the whole world as we know it will have its internet blocked. either that or buy my new digital clock resetter which will automatically stop the world from ceasing to exist on your behalf. only $16.95 plus taxes plus transport plus our profit margin (profit margin currently calculated at 3 x listed price as per standard industry markup)

  • stirling says:

    Wow this website is an angry place.

    I have not been here in a few weeks and it’s even angrier than when I left.

    It’s amazing how the jaded and opinionated seem to cluster and create environments that don’t achieve anything. Good job Postsurf for creating another online ghetto.

  • stirling-congressional-death-squad says:

    F#CK OFF, stirling…hate makes the f#cking world go round!!!!

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