Posted by lewis on August 15, 2009 at 9:01 am.

Same shit, different year.

Nothing really changes. Views of a California Point: 2008, 1993, 1986, 1979, 1972.

Photos via the California Coastal Records Project, Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman.







  • Ted says:

    i love point breaks

    1st comment =]

  • Jack O'Neil says:

    Where’s that!?!?!

  • Luke says:

    I’ve surfed there - real inconsistent, mellow locals, hardly ever anyone out…

  • The LA in Crowd says:

    Cool, we’ll all be there next weekend!


    Ok then - you be the “new BVBVBVBVB” this week as I travel in the heart of island culture. I will try and write from Tahiti - no promises.

  • More chicks please says:

    What the fuck! What we need is more pictures of Alana Blanchard in a thong.

  • Westside Nug says:

    These photos are obviously fakes. You can’t even see the boys drinking Bud white cans.

  • that nigga must be rich flying all round shooting pictures and shit. old mother fucker too huh.

  • Ancient Jetties says:

    1972 looks kinda nice. Time warp! No crowd. Ahhhhhhh….

  • Nooner says:

    OK bonus question:

    Where is IT beach? (too easy)

    OK, Where is Saberjet reef?

  • hub says:

    nothing does ever change until you have kids. then you have to grow up; almost. drink, smoke and work too much. surf, not enough. you’re all kooks wasting time and i’m the biggest kook. take another little piece of my heart now baby. it’s a beautiful day. had enough?

  • 4 o clocker says:

    who is that smoking meth in the parking lot?

  • surfcheck says:

    Am I mistaken or was the water bluer then-

  • R.I.P.per says:


    Not that you don’t already know, but you’re just shit. No mention of a Gold Medal in Costa?

    Thing is, you can’t give props. You just spread hate.

    Looking forward to the end of PostSurf.

  • john says:

    The water was bluer then cuz there were no sweepers or goat boats.

  • surfcheck says:

    RIP- Postsurf isn’t about props- you may be used to industry websites.

  • Mark says:

    Magical memories. I am sure many share the sentiment.

  • I just heard Metallica’s ‘Creeping Death’ on satellite radio while driving home from a funeral today…

  • one eye says:

    pretty steamed you posted those photos, lokes and timmy reyes only.

  • Tahiti says:

    There is no Castro in Papaetee. Go home BVB!

  • Mark says:

    Started takin the Greyhound over from the valley when I was 12 in 74-75 having no idea if there was surf or not. Listened to stories from Otto and Jean. Sometimes when walking from the bus station to Cowells a truck full of locals would drive by and throw rocks at me because they knew it was flat and that I was a valley.
    Later when I was 16 I would drive for 45 minutes in the dark and be the first one out, surf for an hour almost alone, then rush back over the hill to high school. Ruffo and co. would still use the val moniker but I just laughed. I wanted it way more than they did and worked way harder to get it.
    Best memories: Catching 10 foot bombing Middle peak that burgered then reformed into glistening, 6 foot stretched out Indicator walls. Such a glorious wave.
    Also watching the late seventies-early eighties crew absolutely destroy the point on a big south swell. Kevin reed, Richard Scmidt, VC, Steve Colton, Charlie Heitmann, Ruffo and , in my opinion, the king of the place Jeff Spencer. Don’t know what happened to that guy.
    Legendary spot in a magical town on a glorious piece of coastline.

  • Mark says:

    Oh yeah and Dave Sutton. That guy ripped too.


    Castro? Dude, that is SO ʻ70s. Grow up.
    They have arrived; the kooks are back in full force and this place is soon going to look like a Target parking lot. Mostly 20-30 nothings with Asian girlfriends and a full quiver of fun boards for the fun of having fun boards. Er, and surfing, for the “fun” of surfing.
    One chucksurftruckchuck was adorned with no less than fifty surf stickers and the license plate read: Noserdr. Bitchen.
    My favorite is the lifted white truck right out of VenturaDeeEgo; a giant hot wheels standing high above what is normal, huge knobby tires, white and plastic chrome and OF COURSE a giant NORCAL sticker on the back window. Tools and fools.
    Best memory is my SUV on the beach @ Oceana!

  • Stu says:

    Dear RIP - props can be found at, Surfline and TWS. They’ll prop anything and everything. You want props for a contest won by the D-Team in a field of E-Listers, you can find it there. Then read on about how great team Matix is, or how super the new Casio waterproof phone is, or how much you need the new ______ (I’ll let you fill in the blank - there’s no limit to the fun).

  • bdub says:

    R.I.P. per knows this Stu, he is probably a former LS co-worker still at SlurpLine…

  • Stu says:

    Funny thing is that in a year, or five or ten years or whatever it is, RIP will come and give us his I-told-you-so speech regardless of why Lewis quits his blog. In similar fashion, let me be the first to call the next residential RE bubble sometime in or around 2017.

  • Flipper says:

    The pictures illuminate how we (surfers) construct mountains of molehills. Rocks, water, wave, human. Surfing. Its that simple.

  • Mike says:

    It wasn’t hard to spot this bubble Stu, but it will take some time for the sheeple to trust spending and Money will be mining another stream because the current fishing pond will be drained. Once the banks begin creating incentives, the next web is spun and another generation of dillusioned debtors will suffocate themselves on credit.

    Hey Mark, where’s is this point break? Could you please post the directions, best swell directions, wind, and tides and any more tidbits about your experience there? We’d all be stoked. What’s the best breakfast in town? You are the Huell Howser of surfing…. gay and slow.

  • Mark says:

    @ Mike

    I do have many faults.

  • Hater says:

    Hey thanks for joining the ranks of the Bay Area jackasses and posting pics of our secret spots. For the record, we’ll just call you a Google employee. And as for the pics, you might as well have drawn a map, surrounded it with a small city, or put a freakin’ lighthouse on that point. Dick.

  • Selly Klater says:

    Is that ocean beach? I heard it is a fun wave!? Does anyone know how to mount a finless SUP on a 3rd generation prius? Pray tell!

  • saya suka mie... says:

    i like noodles.

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