Posted by lewis on August 22, 2009 at 2:02 pm.

Checked out Josh Pomer's TK8 Last Ride Film and Music Show the other night, accompanied by a performance from Tom Curren.

It was an endearingly low-fi affair, in stark contrast to the over-produced, over-hyped sponsor flicks that do the rounds these days.

Prior to the film, Curren played live music, as advertised.  Unfortunately this live music consisted of Curren lightly tapping a tambourine, while a mysterious older gentleman sang original compositions.  One of these songs was entitled "Westsiders" in honor of Mr. Pomer's next project - a Bra Boys inspired account of Flea, Ratboy, Barney and Vince Collier.  The impromptu promo song included lyrics such as "The Westsiders are our hope for the future, The Westsiders can save the world."


As the film began, Curren mercifully switched roles with his optimistic bandmate, relegating him to percussion as Curren played guitar and sang.  A more cynical man might speculate that the duo had ingeniously set the bar so low that Curren was sure to shine in comparison, like a vain aging woman who brings a fat friend to a party.

It worked.  Curren played live in lieu of a soundtrack, and his music sounded better than Daize Shayne, Donovan Frankenreiter, Tim Curran, and even Jack Johnson.    And I'm not just saying that.

Go check it out for yourself, if you don't believe me - TK8 shows on Wednesday in La Jolla and Thursday in Newport.  Making independent surf films is a losing game, so buy your tickets here.

TK8 - Bobby Martinez.  Photo: Pomer TK8.  Photo: Pomer TK8 - Dane Reynolds.  Photo: Pomer


  • artie says:

    god this is boring. first.

  • RYMB says:

    It’s boring when people claim it.

  • Michael Kew says:

    Props to Pomer.

  • P.J. O'Rourke says:

    If Tom sounded better than all of those listed, the bar was set low to begin with.

    It’s not hard to listen to those depressors and not end up sounding like a Pete Seeger song.

  • yakas says:

    dont surf there

  • trauzersnake says:

    You mean ‘the surfers’ aren’t gonna play?? awww……….so’bitch. I hear that Blasphemy Rottmouth is playing with Rob Halford though…..true story.

  • BVBV says:

    I hate surfing “culture.”

  • Cyrus says:

    This is what happens when Kelly is out of the title race. Pro surfing becomes boring.

  • OCSN says:

    This may be a bit more sophisticated than most of you are used to but imagine it as an ode to a passing.

    - AnusfacedsurfwhoringOCFascistgoeteewaeringESCALADE driving toughguywormhole of lost humanity.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer…


  • surfcheck says:

    Get a grip people if you are in Cali there is a SW swell and NW windswell with energy hard paddle the home break is onshore but they say better tomorrow but I can’t say more.

  • Dr. X says:

    Thanks for the tip. We’re from SF, but are here in La Jolla on vacation, so we’ll check it out on Weds.

    Rising south swell today… and warm water for a change.

  • Flyboy says:

    Can Tom Curren even DO an air? I just want to see him try it once. Seems weird, the guy is such a great surfer, but I wanna see him do an air…hmm.

  • Nug says:

    I’ve seen Curren do airs. Not god ones, but fuck aren’t we being kind of picky. No one says “that Michelangelo…great artist. Too bad he can’t do graffiti art or graphic design.”

  • Mike says:

    The NBA has been reduced to 3 point shooting and slam dunks and as athletic as those two aspects remain, the sport suffers because the game is no longer complete.

    Surfing is suffering from the same malaise of sorts. Airs are featured in nearly every ad, movie or clip, but they represent just one aspect of the complete act. Editors, both print and film, over edit the “surfing” into a highlight reel of over the lip sequencing almost exclusively. With the exception of tube riding, this approach is so dominant that it threatens to reduce surfing into a trampoline act. And that’s generous….. considering well executed airs, not the flail and recover that are published so prevalantly.

    Curren is a complete surfer. His rail work is precise and we can all learn from that technique…. even those of us who aspire to above the lip. It all starts with the same projection. Flyboy’s critique has some new edge validity, but most of the current air crew screen as one trick ponies and could expand even their air repetoire with a little study of TC.

    Another prop to Curren…. he is the most socially uncomfortable man on earth and for him to get up on stage and entertain is a master against his fear. May we all confront that which makes us that uncomfortable.

  • M says:

    Surfers should leave the whole music thing alone. Generally speaking, if you spend most of your time in the water, your not going to be much of a musician.

  • JimG says:

    @ Mike: Amen. Taylor Knox said it best, “Airs are still just a maneuver.” They need to flow and look good. Sometimes airs fit a wave sometimes they don’t. I do airs but don’t try to force them into every one or even every session. I am also sick of seeing videos that do not show whole waves, just air 360 after air 360. I hate to see surfing become like other sports where it’s all about how many rotations a person can do - lame. Style and flow count - especially in surfing. Watching Jordy ugly his way through an air reverse is much less pleasing to watch than Taylor perfectly execute a roundhouse cutback to vertical snap for the rebound for which he is inevitably underscored.

  • RYMB says:

    Mike is very serious. But he’s damned accurate. I especially liked “…this approach is so dominant that it threatens to reduce surfing into a trampoline act. And that’s generous…”

    Also, JimG. “Style and flow count”. “Watching Jordy ugly his way through an air reverse is much less pleasing to watch than Taylor perfectly execute a roundhouse cutback to vertical snap for the rebound for which he is inevitably underscored.”


  • JD says:

    Agreed with the last few comments. Watching curren at his age at J Bay and he still looks like he could beat the bottom half of the 45. Can’t wait for one of these idiots from modern collective to pull a 720 and pose for the next BillQuikley ad in their skinny jeans

  • Mike says:

    @JimG…. awhile ago I held Taylor up as an example of good surfing and the resulting posts did not agree. I watch these guys to improve my act, and the most critical aspect of that learning process is watching how these guys set up their turns. It starts with the takeoff and initial trajectory, something we all need to pay attention to. The highlight reel approach is numbing and it rewards failure.

    Taylors roundhouses…. or Parko’s are sick. That end hit is so fucking spot on and there are no one foot recovery in the whitewash fin spin ollie claims afterward because they are on to their next turn. Complete surfing. Seriously RYMB.

  • yakas says:

    tc make every single wave until it becomes unsurfable. He also will paddle over to the worse of the two peaks because he finds it more challenging. He decided to pass up prefect waves and instead paddled out to the weird mostly closing out left down the beach, when asked why he said the reef was too easy. He also will attract the better waves, even if he is over on the less quality peak. Cant glow enough about the guy. He burned me once and was so apologetic and complimentary, two things you wont find in any of the new photo addicted pop surfers.

  • Flyboy you’re a fucking idiot…”can Tom Curren do an Air?” Fuck off…

    check out Gorrilla Grip’s “Griping Stuff,” (although you probably weren’t surfing then)…if my duck buttered brain serves me right then I remember a very stylish air that Tom laid out at the end of a wave…way before his time. But what do I know? I’m just a purple headed warrior…

  • Michael Kew says:

    Well said, well said.

  • Richbzztch says:

    Good film dispatch L.S. Nice Curren props which surely means good surf karma for you in the near future. Best Northernmost FL beachbreak surf from Bill in probably 15 years yesterday. Looked alot like good Hossegor with at least 10 snapped toothpicks at a spot that breaks really close to the beach. Killer leftovers today as well. Stuffed with late afternoon Heineken dessert.

  • BrodyStylez says:

    Good commentary on the state of surfing. Airs are much like longboards in that it is possible to use them functionally, but very few are capable of doing so. Also true that North Florida was reportedly very good; Brevard was pretty mediocre. Although, I did meet a lovely surfy girl, and I tried the old ‘What time is high tide OMG my cock is throbbing for you’ line but she just paddled away. Has anyone ever had any success with surf related pickup lines?

    I could really use some help because I always run into this situation and get rejected more quickly than Bruce Irons applying to an Ivy league school. I even got a backside barrel right in front of her, and the bitch didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Most surfers in Florida would be happy with that shit, but I only surf to earn the respect of my surf bros and random floosies. Is it time for some retro boardshorts and to start popping airs on every wave?

  • SURF DADDY says:


  • RYMB says:

    @ JimG

    No mate. You misunderstood me. I fully agree with you (and Mike) and think what you wrote was spot on. Cheers.

  • RYMB says:

    @ Mike

    The above comment was meant for you. Sorry.

  • Chris Cote says:

    Positivity on post surf? what the fuck? I’m gonna refresh my computer and when i come back on line, you better be saying some negative shit about Pomer or Curren, or calling me fat and bald. don’t make me start my monday in a good mood.

  • Mike says:

    But you are always in a good mood because you’re a self proclaimed good guy, Cote. That and you have Erica’s seat cushion to smell all day long! Should’ve put that thing up on Ebay the moment she left.

  • Pobby Brown says:

    I’ll take the Japanese Motors over Curren, Curran, Frankie and J-J any day. Why are surfing musicians such pussies?

  • Pobby Brown says:

    These guys all sound like Dan Fogelberg

  • JERIROBLES says:

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