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Today we have the photogravures of Edward Sheriff Curtis , a professional photographer from Seattle, who documented over 80 North American Indian tribes between 1907 and 1930.
The photo above depicts a Qagyuhl wedding party, Pacific Northwest coast.
Nearly 100 years later, not far from where this location, meth-addled white trash of Aryan descent now jealously guard [...]

From the “Bitch Please!” File…

Every now and then, I'll run across some piece of surf culture that is so uniquely suited for ridicule, that I'm overwhelmed with PostSurf-love at first sight.  I swoon to myself as I sight my target and think, "This is why I created PostSurf!"
Case in Point: Power Balance - Wearable Performance Technology.
Take a look at [...]

READER CHALLENGE: Surfline Drinking Game!

As previously mentioned, it's been slow out there lately in terms of compelling surf content.
I decided to spice things up by playing a drinking game while readings Surfline's Tavarua Spot Check.
At first, I was hoping to write something witty about the inherent advertorial irony of a 39-slide feature exclusively dedicated to an exclusive resort, narrated [...]


We're in the midst of summer doldrums.  No ASP events running, no big swells to hype, no big controversies that haven't already been covered.  Nothing to do but drink and fornicate... and endlessly gossip about Kelly Slater's new Super-Dreamy Tour.
It's an understatement to say that the online speculation concerning this new World Tour has been [...]

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Survival of the Fittest

Comment of the Week goes to Fishing w/ Brautigan.  Why?
1) His screen name alludes to a brilliant alcoholic mentally-ill American writer who committed suicide with a handgun in 1984, a stone's throw from my childhood homebreak.
2) Fishing with Brautigan's comment - a semi-incoherent fitness diatribe from someone who seemingly obsesses over professional surfers' exact weights [...]


Let's pause for a moment from all our bilious ruminations to consider a holy trinity of thankless surf industry jobs:
Shaper, photographer, and writer.
Although all three roles are underpaid, shapers differ from photographers and writers in that they're actually necessary.
Trouble is, doing what you love is no way to make a living.  But I'll let the [...]