Monthly Archives: September 2009


This is not real life.
Go towards the light.  The exit is up ahead.
Finish reading this post, close the window behind you, and emerge into the brightness of a new day.  There's nothing here for you anymore.  The PostSurf project is complete.
I am not Lewis Samuels.
That ended long ago, amidst the pixels and fuckery, clammy clickthroughs, [...]

Modern Complaints

There are other worlds beyond this one.
Maybe we've asked too much of surfing. Maybe we're asking the wrong questions.
The cool kids are focusing on the past.  Groping at our velvia roots, trying to reconstruct surfing's age of innocence.  Groms on retro boards, re-imagining the romantic moments that preceded their conception.  Viewing life through celluloid instead [...]