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Checked out Josh Pomer's TK8 Last Ride Film and Music Show the other night, accompanied by a performance from Tom Curren.

It was an endearingly low-fi affair, in stark contrast to the over-produced, over-hyped sponsor flicks that do the rounds these days.

Prior to the film, Curren played live music, as advertised.  Unfortunately this live music consisted of Curren lightly tapping a tambourine, while a mysterious older gentleman sang original compositions.  One of these songs was entitled "Westsiders" in honor of Mr. Pomer's next project - a Bra Boys inspired account of Flea, Ratboy, Barney and Vince Collier.  The impromptu promo song included lyrics such as "The Westsiders are our hope for the future, The Westsiders can save the world."


As the film began, Curren mercifully switched roles with his optimistic bandmate, relegating him to percussion as Curren played guitar and sang.  A more cynical man might speculate that the duo had ingeniously set the bar so low that Curren was sure to shine in comparison, like a vain aging woman who brings a fat friend to a party.

It worked.  Curren played live in lieu of a soundtrack, and his music sounded better than Daize Shayne, Donovan Frankenreiter, Tim Curran, and even Jack Johnson.    And I'm not just saying that.

Go check it out for yourself, if you don't believe me - TK8 shows on Wednesday in La Jolla and Thursday in Newport.  Making independent surf films is a losing game, so buy your tickets here.

TK8 - Bobby Martinez.  Photo: Pomer TK8.  Photo: Pomer TK8 - Dane Reynolds.  Photo: Pomer

Comment of the Week.


Comment of the week goes to Dave Mailman, who seemed to develop a moderate-to-serious addiction to the PostSurf commenters arena this week.

Honestly, I'm on the road right now, and I didn't take the time to read through all of the comments.  But I'm certain that many readers hammered out insights that eclipsed those of Mr. Mailman.

However, the crown goes to Mr. Mailman simply because he chose to stand by his opinions by attaching his actual name to them.

(Dave Mailman is not an un-clever pseudonym - he's an actual person who does the webcast commentary for various ASP Europe and WCT events).

One of the common criticisms my work receives (usually from anonymous commenters) is something along the lines of this: "Whatever, dude, any coward can talk shit on the internet."

There is, of course, truth to this observation.  Which is why I think it's important to attach my real name to everything I write.  Just like Dave Mailman, I actually have to interact with the people I write about.  It raises the stakes.

Think about it the next time you leave an awesome, snarky comment on a website.  Knowing that you'd inevitably run into the person you're writing about, would you attach your real name to your comment?

Dave Mailman says: May 26, 2009 at 9:04 am

... Not as creative or emotionally disturbed as some of the characters inhabiting this virtual reality world that is PostSurf, but I do like to set the record straight for everyone when I can… This site is kind of like a drug, though. You know it’s not good for you, but with crew like BR around you know your going to have a good time!
PS: Definitely not condoning drug use… just a metaphor.

Who is JOB?


What does it mean to be a professional surfer in 2009?  Unless you're in the Top 16, being a success comes down to media coverage.  Way back in the 20th Century, media coverage meant surf magazines and films.

Of course, the internet has changed all that... although it's taking the surf industry a while to figure out how to leverage Web 2.0.

Some learn faster than others: Jaime O'Brien has been making his own films for years, and now he's embracing social and viral marketing, as evidenced by his obsessive, deranged updates on Twitter.

It's interesting to note the gap between how Jaime is now representing himself on Twitter and how the magazines have portrayed him.  It appears that he's much weirder and funnier than we were led to believe.

In fact, after scanning Jaime's Twitter feed, I think he'd fit right in commenting on PostSurf.  Judging by the clip below, it sounds like Jaime is definitely following PostSurf, and that he understands surf media is inevitably changing.

But I can't tell if JOB's a fan of PostSurf, or simply another sensitive pro waiting for their chance to crack me.  In fact, I can't tell shit from this clip.  Can someone please translate for me?  Did David Lynch direct this? I kept expecting the midget from Twin Peaks to come out and start speaking backwards.

Here are some of Jaime's recent tweets. Better or worse than a "Jaime O on the Hotseat!" feature?

JOB on his Bali Trip:

Back on Bali. Speeding my scooter through traff. Looking for a very particular noodle shop that serves breast milk.

Gettin out of dat club. The only bad thing about Bali is Europeans. The only bad thing about Europe is Europeans and no waves and shit food.

...and end at a tantric sex show feat. monkeys. I heard about it from my cabbie last night. He said they play "Fields of Gold" throughout.

Will you stay with me, will you be my love among the fields of barley... I fucken hate hate HATE STING. I bet he SUPs in lakes.

...Outside rented villa watching a monkey masturbate a sleeping German. Germ prob thinks it's a little boy.


JOB on Class:

Yes, there are classes in the world and yes, I now belong to the upper.

Fucken identity theft is a crime against the rich.

At least I have people to sort this shit out for me. I guess identity theft is a crime against those who work for the rich.




Is "too arrogant" such a thing?

Editing vid of last few days magic sessions. I love looking at myself in the barrel. I love how massive my dick is. Cocky? Maybe. True? Yes.

If you rule, like me, you don't separate "arrogant" and "confident." You just go about ruling.

taking my stitches out. over them. I am beautiful in every single way.

Backside barrel riding is an art that few attempt, fewer master and none do better than me.



The ASP should start a midget world dream tour for surfers under 5'6. one stop could be my bathtub. I'd splash some barrels for them.

Did John Lennon deserve to get shot? definitely. Die? probably.

Greg Noll is a hero.

Why did shit Mormons ever come to Hawaii? Aside from having multi wives, their deal is hammered. I can't think of a less cool religion.

People who insist on eating organic are as bad as people who get small, hip tattoos. Like anchors or stars.

Transvestites should dress in formal evening wear always. Like fucken gowns. Even at Foodland.

Thanks to Jason Reposar for the photos.