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Blasphemy Rottmouth’s Very Special Night with Alex Knost

Editor's Note: Prolific PostSurf commenter Blashphemy Rottmouth has started his own show over at blasphemyrottmouth.wordpress.com. Mr. Rottmouth describes himself as "a humble fucker of pygmie tortoise husks."  I know very little else about him.  This is Mr. Rottmoth's first official contribution to PostSurf.com.

Single Fins and Safety Pins?
“Now, why in our precious Laird’s name, would a [...]

TurtleGate Day3: Michael Jackson Dead!!

As TurtleGate enters Day Three, TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson is dead.  Shortly after 3pm, on the live NSSA webcast, Peter Mel confirmed this report.

"Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and [...]


One of our jobs here at PostSurf is staying ahead of the Joneses when it comes to cool new trends. What will be big in 2K9?
Noboby knows cool like Alex Knost.

Sadly, I am not as cool as Alex Knost.  Especially when it comes to cutting-edge surf hipster style.  Besides being the future of surfing and [...]

Help the Contorted Hipsters

Wow.  I feel really bad.
Last week I poked fun at poor Alex Knost (turns out he's NOT gay or a pedophile!) - but little did I know, he IS disabled - Alex is one of those Contorted Hipsters.
Not sure if you've heard yet, but it's a really sad and tragic disease afflicting young Hipsters. Now [...]

SurfHipster or GayBro?

A lot of the young cool kids nowadays "R really in2 earnestness" instead of "cynicalness."
They tell me that I'm "out of touch" with what's cool and that I should stop "H8ing" on relevant lifestyle brands like INSIGHT with LUKEY STEDMANDS and instead I should embrace RVCA and transcendental surfers like "AL KNOWST" who is the [...]

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