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From the “Bitch Please!” File…

Every now and then, I'll run across some piece of surf culture that is so uniquely suited for ridicule, that I'm overwhelmed with PostSurf-love at first sight.  I swoon to myself as I sight my target and think, "This is why I created PostSurf!"
Case in Point: Power Balance - Wearable Performance Technology.
Take a look at [...]


Remember that story last year about a Kaua'i mortgage lender who stole $1 million from Bruce and Andy Irons?
As reported in the Honolulu Adverstiser, James W. Lull was charged with defrauding investors in a Bernie Madoff-styled Ponzi scheme, eventually declaring bankruptcy and owing his victims $50 million.
At the time, many surfers expressed something along the [...]

The Ballad of AI

For the last week I've been working with Andy Irons and Blair Marlin (AI's manager) on the AI interview that Surfline put up today.
After a tumultuous couple years on tour, Andy has decided to take 2009 off. One of the many interesting facets to this story is that Andy is perhaps the first surfing superhero [...]