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Rules and Regulations

Imposing order amidst chaos is a key part of Australian culture.  Therefore, the concept of competitive surfing makes far more sense in the grand scheme of Australian culture than it does elsewhere.
To an outsider, the regulatory nature of modern Australia is striking.
Country roads have speed cameras.  Go 50 km in a 40 zone, and you'll [...]

Photo Dispatch: Oz Family Slides

Amateur hour.  Awkward family slideshows, proudly led by hobbyist photographers, in which the host just keeps clicking through vacation photos, ignoring the signals of guests who grew bored after a dozen shots of lobster red bellied youths.
Even worse: picture after picture of the scenery.  Mountains, mammals, marsupials, monuments.  Images that tell you nothing.  At best, [...]

Booger Waves

I shared a session the other day with a very friendly group of bodyboarders.  They were surfing a typical Oz slab, and the barrels they were getting convinced me to give it a go, despite the fact that it was basically a pop-peak poorly suited to stand-up surfing (of a certain level, at least).
As I [...]

Magical Realism with Ben Button

Australia is a big, lucky country.  25,670 kms of coastline, chock full of bays, points, pubs, and pro surfers that I've disparaged.  There are some places in the surfworld that it may prove unwise for me to visit - Brazil, Basque Country, the North Shore... places where I've stirred the pot enough to expect to [...]