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Who is JOB?

What does it mean to be a professional surfer in 2009?  Unless you're in the Top 16, being a success comes down to media coverage.  Way back in the 20th Century, media coverage meant surf magazines and films.
Of course, the internet has changed all that... although it's taking the surf industry a while to figure [...]

Shards Still Falling: Part 3

I thought I'd close the loop with the final chapter of my revisit of Shards Still Falling, an article I wrote back in '03. (Part One Here and Part Two Here.)  It would be nice if I could spend my time researching in-depth, introspective pieces with gargantuan word-counts, like this one clumsily attempts to be.  [...]


This article is a reprint from 2003. I had more time on my hands then.  Time enough to spend a few months a year in Indo, time enough to write long, sprawling, vaguely earnest articles about things I cared about.  I had more time than money - especially since no one wanted to pay me [...]