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Damien Hobgood
You don’t finish runner-up at J-Bay twice by mistake.  Unless you’re Damien Hobgood, that is.  Shades of Peter Sellars in Being There, as Damo somehow won heat after heat, despite being seemingly only dimly aware of his surroundings, what year it was, and perhaps even what his name is.  A touch of Zen, too, [...]

Bobby Revisited

I interviewed Bobby Martinez last fall in Mundaka, at one of the least-attended events in ASP history (not counting every Brazilian event, of course.)  I already posted the first part of this unused interview - here's the second part of our discussion, which centered on the apathy that swept through the ranks  as Kelly dominated [...]


A few days before Kelly won his 9th title, I interviewed Bobby Martinez.  I was hoping to put together an article on "Is Kelly's Dominance Good For Surfing?"  The article never came together - partly because most guys dodged the question.  But Bobby is his own man; he did not dodge the question.
Lewis: Do you [...]