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From the “Bitch Please!” File…

Every now and then, I'll run across some piece of surf culture that is so uniquely suited for ridicule, that I'm overwhelmed with PostSurf-love at first sight.  I swoon to myself as I sight my target and think, "This is why I created PostSurf!"
Case in Point: Power Balance - Wearable Performance Technology.
Take a look at [...]

Surf Journalism: Anyone can do it!

One thing PostSurf has taught me: any retard can start an awesome surf website.
One of the latest is InSurfNews, started by Fred Patacchia and his partner Andrew Oliver.
They just put up this unintentionally hilarious press release on Surfline about a Bruce Irons interview.
So much to savor in that press release ...  Where to begin?
They tell [...]

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