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Kelly Slater
Why is Kelly Slater back at number one in the Power Rankings?  Because he holds the fate of the ASP in his hands.  If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.  The question now is will Kelly use his vast influence for good or evil?  Lately, ASP insiders are looking at their talented [...]

Reader Challenge: Guess the Pro!!!

Some ignorant people have suggested that there is a homoerotic aspect to being a fan of the ASP world tour. This is of course an absolutely ridiculous notion. There's nothing homoerotic in the worship and rapt appreciation of shirtless men frolicking in the ocean as they battle man-on-man. So I'm going to [...]

Oh, Lindsay - Love Hurts.

If we in the surf media want to be taken seriously, we have to step up our game and take our cues from the real media: more investigative journalism, more hard-hitting exposes of corruption, and more speculation about Lindsay Lohan's sex life.
Budding surf media magnate CJ Hobgood is already hip to this - on his [...]

Overly Dramatic

Despite their laid-back demeanor, surfers love a little drama.
On a rainy day in France last fall, CJ Hobgood and I discussed how dramatic surfing helped him get his competitive career back on track.  And on track it has remained - yesterday in Tasmania, CJ put up 18.57 points. Now, it looks like Parko may [...]

TAJ has a PLAN

Just finished a preview for Surfline of the QuikPro.  As usual, plenty of quotes don't make it into the final text.
More than a couple guys in the 45 told me that Taj will be the one to challenge Kelly this year.  "He's the only one in my book who did it last year," CJ Hobgood [...]


Nothing is required of me to make this post from CJ Hobgood's Blog unintentionally hilarious.
This is a flat-out cut and paste, not a satire:

im in washinton DC at the national prayer breakfast, with an estimated 3,400 others from 182 countries.it’s a sea of political peeps.there’s a house, some cabinets, senators,prime ministors and a president.tony blair [...]