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COMMENT of the WEEK: Yes, More TurtleGate.

Comment of the Week goes to L'Estranger, who has fit another piece of the TurtleGate puzzle snugly into place.
L'Etranger says: August 24, 2009 at 3:19 pm
“Mother always likes to wear turtle pins, for instance.” - Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Hmmm . . . This may be the best find yet:
1) Reverend Moon’s mother fancies wearing [...]

Comment of the Week: TurtleGate!

Comment of the Week goes to Browny's Reacharound (who probably could have won simply by virtue of his screen name alone... at least if you get the allusion to a Chris Brown Wraparound.)
browny's reacharound says: August 18, 2009 at 2:25 pm
I used to wake up, take a piss and pull up Surfline. I never [...]

Comment of the Weak: Team America, Fuck Yeah!

Comment of the Week comes from R.I.P.per, who is quite justifiably looking forward to the end of PostSurf because I haven't yet mentioned Team USA's ISA gold medal.
R.I.P.per says: August 15, 2009 at 9:08 pm
Not that you don’t already know, but you’re just shit. No mention of a Gold Medal in Costa?
Thing is, you can’t [...]

Comment of the Weak: BalanceGate

Not to beat a dead horse, but this whole Power Balance deal is possibly the best thing to hit PostSurf since the Power Rankings.  The more I look into Power Balance, the more comedic gold I discover.  At this point, as TurtleGate enters its 46th day, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Andrew Mooney [...]

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Survival of the Fittest

Comment of the Week goes to Fishing w/ Brautigan.  Why?
1) His screen name alludes to a brilliant alcoholic mentally-ill American writer who committed suicide with a handgun in 1984, a stone's throw from my childhood homebreak.
2) Fishing with Brautigan's comment - a semi-incoherent fitness diatribe from someone who seemingly obsesses over professional surfers' exact weights [...]


Comment of the Week comes from the Bad Vibe Bob, a shadowy, notorious voice of dissent known to frequent surf sites both real and virtual.  Bad Vibe was kind enough to share with PostSurf via electronic mail his recollections of recent SUP encounters. -LS
I have tried to mount many a SUP - the first off [...]

Comments of the Week: The Kitchen Sink

No clear winners in this war - just noise, flashes of internet bravery, and multiple casualties.
The Mailman delivered us the already-stale rumor that Slater's starting a new World Tour (no, not the Stand-Up World Tour.)
Phil Jarratt, the Aussie "surfing writer" who co-wrote Slater's last book, kick-started this rumor last week in an article for the [...]


Comment of the Week goes to Ballz, for re-igniting the Jordy Smith controversy known as NippleGate.  I'm not sure who first broke this story, or who first noticed that Jordy's nipples are freakishly close together.
Unlike many surf fans, I'm not particularly interested in Jordy's nipples.  But, in favor of due dilligence, I examined a few [...]

Comment of the Week: TurtleGate

Comment of the Week goes to Jiggy Jig, who helped deepen the TurtleGate controversy by sharing his recollections of turtle-hunting on the North Shore in the 1960s.  See below.
As TurtleGate entered its sixth day, PostSurf's investigation uncovered further shocking revelations.
Big wave legend Greg Noll, in a 1997 Surfer's Journal article, revealed the existense of a [...]

Comment of the Weak

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was one of those defining moments in my life.

I was standing at my office window, checking the surf, and thumbing through the latest issue of Transworld Surf. It was a self-congratulatory anniversary issue – celebrating 10 years or 100 issues or something like that. [...]


There's plenty of good and bad advice floating around about "how to be a surfer."
I'll offer up my own recycled maxim: Commit to Your Position.
I've found this approach useful when it comes to late drops, hucking sections, and expressing your opinion.  It's best not to worry too much about whether your position is right or [...]

Comment of the Week

It's probably time for the comments section of PostSurf to receive some kind of overhaul.  Like the ASP, it's a broken system that teeters on the verge of brilliance one moment, only to devolve into shameful hate-mongering seconds later, and worse yet, descend into pithy irrelevance moments after that.
In the world of PostSurf, there is [...]

Comment of the Week.

Comment of the week goes to Dave Mailman, who seemed to develop a moderate-to-serious addiction to the PostSurf commenters arena this week.
Honestly, I'm on the road right now, and I didn't take the time to read through all of the comments.  But I'm certain that many readers hammered out insights that eclipsed those of Mr. [...]

Comment of the Week.

Comment of the Week goes to Ballz, who was savvy enough to spot talent when it bugged out in front of him.  Specifically, Ballz recognized the real star of the show from last week on PostSurf: this dude.

Ballz says: May 12, 2009 at 12:40 pm

Did you guys see Jessie from Dukes of Hazard talking about [...]