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Damien Hobgood
You don’t finish runner-up at J-Bay twice by mistake.  Unless you’re Damien Hobgood, that is.  Shades of Peter Sellars in Being There, as Damo somehow won heat after heat, despite being seemingly only dimly aware of his surroundings, what year it was, and perhaps even what his name is.  A touch of Zen, too, [...]


This year's Olivia Newton-John is Owen Wright.
So far in 2009, Wright has won nearly every Pro Junior he's entered, beat Dane and Kelly at Bells, and now Simple Owen leads the WQS ratings after winning the Maldives event.
According to the ASP's press release, "It was a monumental, high-scoring Final, described by numerous ASP officials at [...]

Pro Surfer Type 58: Friend of Dane

There was a good discussion last month on PostSurf concerning the correct classification of pro surfer species. A well-informed follower of the sport should be able to correctly label any pro based on their taxonomic rank.  Surfing desperately needs a Carolus Linnaeus to emerge from the shadows and end debate about the order of pro [...]

“I’m Spartacus!”

File this under "Really?"
STAB mag ran a gallery of party pics from some recent premiere, and misidentified the guy next to Dane as Lewis Samuels.
Has someone really been doing the rounds of Gold Coast parties pretending to be me?  Why anyone would emulate my plight, I have no idea.  It seems like it would be [...]


This topic is a dead horse.  If you want to debate the double grab, might as well go to Jimmicane's Surfing mag diatribe and leave another comment, or check out CJ Hobgood's take on the double grab debate here .
But looking over the photos from yesterday, it was interesting to consider how the double grab [...]

whoa there guy.

Waves and radiation.  One of the rawest, most imperfect perfect 10s in ASP history...
and I'm not saying it was undeserved....
But after some now-sober consideration, maybe it was undeserved. As was Jordy's win over Dingo and Jihad's over Tim Reyes.  Hey, we all get caught up in the moment. The judges are losing their shit over [...]