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Synergist of the Year Award!

PostSurf Synergist of the Year award goes to Paul Naude, President of Billabong USA!
In his other role as SIMA Environmental Fund President, Mr. Naude presided over the Waterman's Ball this past weekend, which raised over $400,000 for various environmental non-profit organizations.
The Waterman's Ball also honored Dave Rastovich with an award for Environmentalist of the Year.
Mr. [...]

From the “Bitch Please!” File…

Every now and then, I'll run across some piece of surf culture that is so uniquely suited for ridicule, that I'm overwhelmed with PostSurf-love at first sight.  I swoon to myself as I sight my target and think, "This is why I created PostSurf!"
Case in Point: Power Balance - Wearable Performance Technology.
Take a look at [...]

Finally, something to celebrate!

It's not like a wake up each morning, incredibly angry, eager to find some surf-industry thing I can rant about.  It's not like I enjoy penning cynical, bitter tirades about this industry that has sprung up like a herpes growth on our shared passion.
I wake up happy.  I wake up ever optimistic that the dawn's [...]

Hannah “Zoolander” Mermaid

Ah, to be a pro soul surfer.  Normal land-based mammals can only dream of the intimate connection with nature that corporate-sponsored soul surfers enjoy.  Case in point: Dave Rastovich.
This guy is so at one with the sea that he married a mermaid.  And not just any mermaid - he married Hannah Fraser, who is a [...]