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Drew Courtney
Remember the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when that Illinois Nazi drinks from the wrong Holy Grail, and ends up rapidly aging to death?  That is what it’s been like watching Drew Courtney surf the last three events.  I used to think this tapioca fuckwit was Ben Button, growing old [...]

Magical Realism with Ben Button

Australia is a big, lucky country.  25,670 kms of coastline, chock full of bays, points, pubs, and pro surfers that I've disparaged.  There are some places in the surfworld that it may prove unwise for me to visit - Brazil, Basque Country, the North Shore... places where I've stirred the pot enough to expect to [...]


I didn't get to see a picture of rookie Drew Courtney before writing about him.
After seeing his headshot, all I can say is "That is some Benjamin Button shit right there!"  He's got to be 40.
I hope for Drew's sake he's aging in reverse, cause he's a rookie and he already looks past retirement age.
I [...]