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Editors Note: PostSurf is proud to again feature the work of Gra Murdoch via his blog Inside the Goldmine.  Although Mr. Murdoch is an Australian national, the following entry should resonate for any American surfer who recently "surfered" through the hype of Hurricane Bill or The Great South Swell of July.

Global Clown Congress Descends on [...]

Another Nugget from INSIDE THE GOLDMINE

I am going surfing today.  In the meantime, please click on over to Gra Murdoch's Inside the Goldmine for another excellent example of investigative surf journalism. - Ed
Dog and Master Reunited after Master Seemingly Vanishes Off Face of the Earth for 40-minute Surf.

TUES. JULY 28, WEST COAST, VICTORIA – 33 year old Airey's Inlet [...]