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Overly Dramatic

Despite their laid-back demeanor, surfers love a little drama.
On a rainy day in France last fall, CJ Hobgood and I discussed how dramatic surfing helped him get his competitive career back on track.  And on track it has remained - yesterday in Tasmania, CJ put up 18.57 points. Now, it looks like Parko may [...]

Powers that Be

I'll be honest here.  My limited wit is otherwise engaged today, trying to finish up the Power Rankings.  Writing for PostSurf doesn't pay the Vodka bills -  therefore it's rather low on my list of priorities.  So I'm posting an interview I did with Roy Powers way back during the Mundaka contest.  This is the [...]

The Ballad of AI

For the last week I've been working with Andy Irons and Blair Marlin (AI's manager) on the AI interview that Surfline put up today.
After a tumultuous couple years on tour, Andy has decided to take 2009 off. One of the many interesting facets to this story is that Andy is perhaps the first surfing superhero [...]