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Jordy Smith
Jordy Smith has an image problem.  He’s a winner, but he’s not a likeable winner.  Worse yet, he’s not even winning.  But if he were to win a title, or even an event, he’d be the least likeable champion since Andy Irons.  Confidence is necessary; but Jordy’s arrogance is icing on the cake.  I [...]


Comment of the Week goes to Ballz, for re-igniting the Jordy Smith controversy known as NippleGate.  I'm not sure who first broke this story, or who first noticed that Jordy's nipples are freakishly close together.
Unlike many surf fans, I'm not particularly interested in Jordy's nipples.  But, in favor of due dilligence, I examined a few [...]

On the ASP and Relevancy

This is a tale of two surfers, and two forms of surfing.
The ASP Brazil event kicked off a few days ago.  In the first heat of the event, Tim Boal beat Jordy Smith, 12.66 to 6.10.  Who knows what Boal did to beat Jordy - replays are not available.  You'll never know, unless you were [...]


This year's Olivia Newton-John is Owen Wright.
So far in 2009, Wright has won nearly every Pro Junior he's entered, beat Dane and Kelly at Bells, and now Simple Owen leads the WQS ratings after winning the Maldives event.
According to the ASP's press release, "It was a monumental, high-scoring Final, described by numerous ASP officials at [...]


This topic is a dead horse.  If you want to debate the double grab, might as well go to Jimmicane's Surfing mag diatribe and leave another comment, or check out CJ Hobgood's take on the double grab debate here .
But looking over the photos from yesterday, it was interesting to consider how the double grab [...]

Question about BACKDOOR

Staying cool in the surf world is all about keeping up with the latest trends.
I've noticed that the best young surfers in the world share a common bond: they love Backdoor action.
In the latest issue of Transworld,  Dusty Payne tells us the last advice his manager gave him was "No babies in the bum."
Stab, being [...]