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COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Survival of the Fittest

Comment of the Week goes to Fishing w/ Brautigan.  Why?
1) His screen name alludes to a brilliant alcoholic mentally-ill American writer who committed suicide with a handgun in 1984, a stone's throw from my childhood homebreak.
2) Fishing with Brautigan's comment - a semi-incoherent fitness diatribe from someone who seemingly obsesses over professional surfers' exact weights [...]


Kai Otton
What a nut-up by Kai Otton. This hairy Howard Hughes of a recluse pulled his Spruce Goose out of a season-long tailspin and soared all the way to the semis at J-Bay.  Against Parko, he kept believin’ even when Parko opened up with an arguable 10 – Kai answered back with his own arguable [...]


Remember that story last year about a Kaua'i mortgage lender who stole $1 million from Bruce and Andy Irons?
As reported in the Honolulu Adverstiser, James W. Lull was charged with defrauding investors in a Bernie Madoff-styled Ponzi scheme, eventually declaring bankruptcy and owing his victims $50 million.
At the time, many surfers expressed something along the [...]

Truffle Shuffle

A couple weeks ago I claimed Kekoa Bacalso in my rookie preview for Surfline.  I'm a big fan of Kekoa's surfing - he has a unique approach to both power and fitness.  With this in mind, I compared Kekoa to Chunk from the seminal 1985 classic The Goonies.
So I was quite pleased to see Kekoa [...]