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Today we have the photogravures of Edward Sheriff Curtis , a professional photographer from Seattle, who documented over 80 North American Indian tribes between 1907 and 1930.
The photo above depicts a Qagyuhl wedding party, Pacific Northwest coast.
Nearly 100 years later, not far from where this location, meth-addled white trash of Aryan descent now jealously guard [...]

Comment of the Week: ‘Death to Surfers’ Update

Earlier this week I wrote about an SF Chron article in which localism was presented as a breaking news story... for, like, the 1,784th time.
The best part of the article? The comments it elicited from readers - many of whom were non-surfers, shocked and outraged by the behavior of surfers.

Comment of the week goes to [...]

Oh SNAP! The mainstream is clowning us!

Today the San Francisco Chronicle put up an article about localism: "Surfing - a feeling of freedom many won't share."
As C.W. Nevius, a non-surfer, sees it:
"A mini-boom has hit surfing. Midlife-crisis guys, trendy twentysomethings and athletic women looking for a challenge are standing on the beach, watching the breakers and thinking they might like to [...]

Comment of the Weak: Scott Bass tells us what a local is!

Believe it or not, comment of the week goes to Mark!
Mark says: April 29, 2009 at 5:49 pm
"I am confused about Santa Cruz localism... How many consecutive years of living in S.C. does it take before you are forgiven your original home of record.
Doug Haut is from Los Altos. Is he still a “valley” after [...]

The New Localism

If you don't live here, don't surf here.  It's simple enough, really.  It worked in the 70s and it will work again now.  Here's why: the environment.

If you want to help save the earth, stop driving for surf.  Surf in front of your house.  Don't paddle out anywhere that you can't walk or ride your [...]