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Kelly Slater
Why is Kelly Slater back at number one in the Power Rankings?  Because he holds the fate of the ASP in his hands.  If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.  The question now is will Kelly use his vast influence for good or evil?  Lately, ASP insiders are looking at their talented [...]

Reader Challenge: Guess the Pro!!!

Some ignorant people have suggested that there is a homoerotic aspect to being a fan of the ASP world tour. This is of course an absolutely ridiculous notion. There's nothing homoerotic in the worship and rapt appreciation of shirtless men frolicking in the ocean as they battle man-on-man. So I'm going to [...]

A Word from our Contenders

The ASP season kicks off Saturday, so I thought I'd turn the hype-volume up a bit further by sharing a few words from our top contenders: Slater and Fanning.  The following quotes didn't make the QuikPro Peview I did for Surfline last week.
Lewis: One could argue that you haven't been challenged for the #1 spot [...]