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The Op Pros

The Curren vs. Occy bout highlights the importance of choosing a stable sponsor.
Despite being a lovably unstable personality, Occy has been steadily employed by Billabong for his entire career.  Hell, they even stuck with him when he looked like Rosie O'Donnell-with-a-bad-dye-job, and smelled like Gary Busey.  (Ironically, that gamble worked so well for Billabong that [...]


Billabong just announced that Tom Curren will face Mark Occhilupo in a "Clash of the Icons" heat at J-Bay.

I have nothing bad to say about this.
It's interesting to note the career numbers for this specialty match-up.  Curren and Occy last faced each other in 1988, ending their rivalry with an 8-8 record.  But all of [...]

Bugs Has Left The Building

In a surprise move sure to dissapoint fans of hardcore hyperbole, Rabbit Bartholomew has stepped down as ASP president.
“After deep consideration, I have decided not to seek a fifth term as ASP President,” Bartholomew said.
Pretty interesting quote from Rab there - who knew that ASP President was an elected office?  It's going to be hard [...]