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The Needs of the Many

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  At least that's what Spock said when he died at the end of Star Trek II.
The few in this case are Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, and in particular, Kelly Slater.  If any of these three had won the QuikPro, the many (us) might have [...]

An Earnest Word

Most of the write-ups for yesterday's QuikPro action will focus on the usual suspects: Mick, Joel, and Taj - who all made the semis as scripted.  Remaining paragraphs will be thrown Dane Reynolds way.
The first conest of the year has that first day of school flavor - everyone is anxious to see who grew up [...]


Big news from the QuikPro!  Lady luck finally caught up with the best surfer in the world - that's right - Jihad Khodr exploded for 18.26 points.
Jihad's personal story is an inspiration - an against-all-odds, love-will-conquer-all account of an athlete who's overcome poverty and discrimination to rise to the top of the game.  Jihad hasn't [...]

whoa there guy.

Waves and radiation.  One of the rawest, most imperfect perfect 10s in ASP history...
and I'm not saying it was undeserved....
But after some now-sober consideration, maybe it was undeserved. As was Jordy's win over Dingo and Jihad's over Tim Reyes.  Hey, we all get caught up in the moment. The judges are losing their shit over [...]

Truffle Shuffle

A couple weeks ago I claimed Kekoa Bacalso in my rookie preview for Surfline.  I'm a big fan of Kekoa's surfing - he has a unique approach to both power and fitness.  With this in mind, I compared Kekoa to Chunk from the seminal 1985 classic The Goonies.
So I was quite pleased to see Kekoa [...]


With the QuikPro only two weeks away, the frothfest has begun in anticipation of the kickoff of the ASP season.
Surfline will feature two of my articles in the coming weeks - Power Rankings for the new crew on tour, and a preview for the Quikpro. Quotes have been piling up in my inbox from Fanning, [...]