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READER CHALLENGE: Surfline Drinking Game!

As previously mentioned, it's been slow out there lately in terms of compelling surf content.
I decided to spice things up by playing a drinking game while readings Surfline's Tavarua Spot Check.
At first, I was hoping to write something witty about the inherent advertorial irony of a 39-slide feature exclusively dedicated to an exclusive resort, narrated [...]

Reader Challenge: Guess the Pro!!!

Some ignorant people have suggested that there is a homoerotic aspect to being a fan of the ASP world tour. This is of course an absolutely ridiculous notion. There's nothing homoerotic in the worship and rapt appreciation of shirtless men frolicking in the ocean as they battle man-on-man. So I'm going to [...]

Comment of the Week

Dear Readers:
I just want to formally apologize for not living up to my non-existent promise to provide you with a thought-provoking, meaningful, zany, hilarious post every single fucking day.
Some of you may be experiencing a paranoid suspicion that I'm putting less than 100% into PostSurf lately.  But why???? Some speculate that it's because I'm on [...]

Hieronymus Bosch Reader Challenge

All right kids - it's time for another reader challenge!
The following painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Heironymous Bosch, contains uncannily accurate depictions of a number of surf industry figures and brands - despite the fact that Bosch painted it in 1504.  Amazing, really.
From Wiki (where I do all my fact-checking):
"The left panel depicts [...]

Reading Comprehension Quiz

It's time for another PostSurf Reader Challenge!!!
Lately, I've become concerned that some readers don't really "get" what PostSurf is all about.
So this week, we have a reading comprehension quiz. This will be especially useful for any kids prepping for the SAT, or pro surfers trying to pretend their home-schooling equates to a high-school- level education.
Please [...]