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Modern Complaints

There are other worlds beyond this one.
Maybe we've asked too much of surfing. Maybe we're asking the wrong questions.
The cool kids are focusing on the past.  Groping at our velvia roots, trying to reconstruct surfing's age of innocence.  Groms on retro boards, re-imagining the romantic moments that preceded their conception.  Viewing life through celluloid instead [...]


It's back to reality for me starting next week.  Off the road, behind the monitor, staring at "real work" instead of "PostSurf," billing hours instead of being billed.
As a consultant, my professional life has the binge and crash rhythms of Amy Winehouse's personal life.  I stay up late doing everything infront of me, become increasingly [...]

Retro? Primo.

No, I'm not on the Gold Coast - I'm sitting out this particular bro-down.  Why?  A) The economy. B) I'm mostly hated and I mostly hate bro-ing down.  C) There's more to life than the tour. D)  All of the above.
Bizarrely, the bro-down came to me yesterday, in the form of Brad Gerlach's Primo Beer [...]

Help the Contorted Hipsters

Wow.  I feel really bad.
Last week I poked fun at poor Alex Knost (turns out he's NOT gay or a pedophile!) - but little did I know, he IS disabled - Alex is one of those Contorted Hipsters.
Not sure if you've heard yet, but it's a really sad and tragic disease afflicting young Hipsters. Now [...]


With the collective surf world teetering on the brink of economic ruin, it's important to look on the bright side.
With a weekday at our disposal, premier surf historian Matt Warshaw and I spent a day driving around in circles, for surf.
One of my favorite comments from Mr. Warshaw, who likes writing about surf history instead [...]