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Finally, something to celebrate!

It's not like a wake up each morning, incredibly angry, eager to find some surf-industry thing I can rant about.  It's not like I enjoy penning cynical, bitter tirades about this industry that has sprung up like a herpes growth on our shared passion.
I wake up happy.  I wake up ever optimistic that the dawn's [...]

I stand corrected

OK Kids...
I’ve been informed the mystery man below is Alek Parker, a Pro Surfer from Florida.
What has the surf world come to when Pro Surfers are being misidentified as writers?
…Actually, come to think of it, Pro Surfers being misidentified as writers is exactly how we end up with all those shithouse articles in the [...]

I Wish my Dog Paid as Much Attention to What I Said

Good ol' Stab Mag released their 2008 Stab Awards and Mr. Luke Stedman won for "Fastest Body Transformation."
After a few riveting responses concerning Stedman's shirtless torso and skincare tips, Stab closed with the following question:
Stab: Finally, who is that little man on Surfline (Lewis Samuels) who seems intent on the assassination of your character?
Luke Stedman: [...]