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Don’t Encourage Them

Peel back the orange curtain separating the surf industry from most of the surfers in the world, and you'll find a small group of white men wielding an enormous amount of influence over the general surf culture.
Why?  Fear.  Some surfers are scared of sharks, some are scared of big waves, but nearly all surfers are [...]


Comment of the Week comes from the Bad Vibe Bob, a shadowy, notorious voice of dissent known to frequent surf sites both real and virtual.  Bad Vibe was kind enough to share with PostSurf via electronic mail his recollections of recent SUP encounters. -LS
I have tried to mount many a SUP - the first off [...]

GUEST POST: Inside the Goldmine

Editor's note: This guest post comes from Gra Murdoch, whose site Inside the Goldmine, is a, um, well, a goldmine.  Mr. Murdoch graciously crafted the following news article especially for PostSurf.  Take a look at his "Disabled Woman" article after this - it's a rare example of a surf piece that manages to be funny [...]

WATERMAN LEAGUE: Janitors of Sea Unionize!

Is the ASP world tour getting you down?
Fear not: sporting salvation is on the way - the Waterman League has announced a Stand Up World Tour!

What exactly is a waterman, you ask?
In my experience, watermen are shortboarders whose egos can't deal with the dwindling wavecount that aging inevitability brings.  So they ride gigantic boards and/or [...]