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Don’t Encourage Them

Peel back the orange curtain separating the surf industry from most of the surfers in the world, and you'll find a small group of white men wielding an enormous amount of influence over the general surf culture.
Why?  Fear.  Some surfers are scared of sharks, some are scared of big waves, but nearly all surfers are [...]

Yet another post I’ll get beaten for…

Today we consider a recent Surfermag article, which brings to light three of the biggest problems in surfing today: Shithouse writers, Jiu-Jitsu, and Joel Tudor.
Let's consider Joel Tudor first.

Apparently, Mr. Tudor recently woke up and realized that he was in the middle of a recession with no clothing sponsor.  (He previously rode for good ol' [...]

Laird’s Ego Nearly Spans America

Honestly, I'm still trying to piece together what this fuckery is all about.
I was unaware of it up until this morning, when I came across this headline on SurferMag.com: "CAR ACCIDENT STOPS TEAM SURFING USA; Race Across America Screeches [...]

Scott Bass is a Moron: Part 1 in a 757,389 Part Series

OK, first off, I apologize for this post.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the writing of Scott Bass, I am no doubt doing you a great disservice by exposing you to his work.
In addition, pointing out Scott Bass's inability to write is a bit like noting a Down Syndrome baby's inability to [...]