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COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Survival of the Fittest

Comment of the Week goes to Fishing w/ Brautigan.  Why?
1) His screen name alludes to a brilliant alcoholic mentally-ill American writer who committed suicide with a handgun in 1984, a stone's throw from my childhood homebreak.
2) Fishing with Brautigan's comment - a semi-incoherent fitness diatribe from someone who seemingly obsesses over professional surfers' exact weights [...]


Damien Hobgood
You don’t finish runner-up at J-Bay twice by mistake.  Unless you’re Damien Hobgood, that is.  Shades of Peter Sellars in Being There, as Damo somehow won heat after heat, despite being seemingly only dimly aware of his surroundings, what year it was, and perhaps even what his name is.  A touch of Zen, too, [...]

TAJ has a PLAN

Just finished a preview for Surfline of the QuikPro.  As usual, plenty of quotes don't make it into the final text.
More than a couple guys in the 45 told me that Taj will be the one to challenge Kelly this year.  "He's the only one in my book who did it last year," CJ Hobgood [...]